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CBWR? Chapter 47

Chapter 47

“Why the fuck not?” I stood up and glared down on her, as if my intimidating presence was some how going to change any of the facts.

“It was inserted into the back of her head, and its lodged right next to her brain,” Doctor Cope informed us both. “Removal would almost certainly render her blind, and could cause paralysis or death. There is no way I can safely remove it.”

“Does it even matter now?” Bella looked over to me. “I mean…who is going to be looking for me now?”

“We still have the Italians and the French to deal with,” I reminded her. “Outside of them, I don’t know, which is why we’re going to be in hiding while Emmett flushes out any extras. This does make things more complicated though.”

Deciding the doctor wasn’t going to be any more help, I led Bella back out of the hospital through the back doors and into the car. Once she was buckled in, I handed her the laptop with the article about her mom and stayed quiet while she read it.

“Is this all you found?” she asked.

“So far,” I replied. “I’ll still look some more. Now that we have that much information, Rosalie and Jasper should be able to find out the rest.”

“She’s been at home all this time?”

“It looks that way, yes.” I nodded as I started up the car and pulled out of the parking lot. “I mean, she might have spent a few days in the hospital, but it says she was recovering.”

“Give me your phone,” Bella suddenly demanded.

“Bella, you can’t-”

“Give me the fucking phone!” she turned and screamed at me.

“I can’t Bella,” I told her. “You can’t call them – not yet.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s dangerous, and you aren’t safe yet. If you call them, you are going to put both yourself and them in danger. When it’s safe, you can call them – I swear. When this is all over I’ll take you home.”

I really didn’t want to elaborate on how someone might very well be watching her parents if word gets out who started this little feud. If one of Aro’s people who hasn’t been eliminate or who slips through the cracks links everything back to me, they will definitely link it back to the girl I bought a week ago.

She argued a while longer, but I wasn’t going to budge on this one, and eventually she gave up and we rode in silence until I called Rosalie on the way to the airport. I asked her what else could be done about this chip.

“Let me look into it,” she said. “We’ve got all these other girls with the same issue. I may be able to track the signals on their chips and find a way of shutting them down or disabling the signal. It’s going to take a while, though.”

“How long?”

“I could get lucky,” she told me. “It might only take a couple of weeks.”


“Don’t stay in one place,” she recommended.

“All right – we’ll be in touch.”

Rosalie had apparently packed a suitcase for Bella, though there didn’t appear to be anything for me. Nice. I guess I deserved that, but it meant I was going to have to stop and at least get a change of clothes. We ended up in the duty-free shop, where I bought a nice sized carry-on and everything I needed to get by for the next forty-eight hours.

Bella had never flown first class before, and it was only us and one other business type in the whole front, so we almost had it to ourselves. She settled back in the window seat and refused the glass of wine offered to her. I went with whiskey, though they didn’t have anything great. I drank it up quick, hoping it would stop my heart from pounding as hard as it had been since this morning…when I got married.

I got married to a woman who hates me.

At least she was kind of speaking to me again.

The plane took off, and I glanced over to see tears falling down her face again. I looked back down to my lap, trying to figure out what the fuck I should do. Was I supposed to hug her or something? Would she even want that from the fucker responsible for everything she had been through? That seemed kind of unlikely. I wanted to do something, but I knew opening my mouth was only going to make it worse, and didn’t know what my other options might be. I finally came up with something that I didn’t think would make anything worse.

“Can I get you anything?”

Bella shook her head and wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand. She looked over to me, and started crying harder. The business guy looked over the back of his chair to see what was going on, but I glared over at him and he decided to mid his own Ps and Qs instead. I looked back to Bella, who had her face in her hands.

“Bella…please,” I said. “Is there anything I can do?”

Again she shook her head as she wrapped her arms around herself and bent at the waist until her forehead was resting on her knees. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I lifted up the arm of the chair between us and reached out for her.

She came into my arms without protest, and though her crying was still tearing into me, I instantly felt more at ease now that I was touching her and holding her close to me. Her head went against my chest as her hand fisted the front of my shirt. I turned sideways a little so business traveler dude couldn’t stare right at her again, and wrapped my arms around her as tight as I could.

I was tempted to tell her how sorry I was, but I remembered how well that worked before and decided to hold off on any more apologies for a while. We were both exhausted at this point, and ended up falling sleep tangled up in each other. I woke at some point and looked out the window at the stars in the sky, wondering what time it was but not willing to risk waking Bella to check my watch. I lay my cheek on top of her head any inhaled her scent while I held her.

My wife.

My thumb reached across my hand and rubbed at the gold ring around my finger. As it twisted around, I wondered how long we would be married before we got back to the states and had it annulled. A couple of months, maybe? Maybe once the rest of the killing was done, I could at least take her on a honeymoon trip. We were going to have to keep moving around as long as her chip was active, so I might as well take her around Europe a bit. Maybe it would take her mind off all the other shit, and maybe her memories of being with me wouldn’t all suck.

It could be fun, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Poor Bella. She really has held up pretty well so far.

Doofus seems to have himself a small basket of clues at this point. They are going to be stuck with each other for a while.

CBWR? Chapter 46

Chapter 46

I walked up to the end of the room and looked through the glass doors. Doctor Cope was staring at a bunch of monitors in a partitioned section of the room. I could see the huge-ass scanner machine, and Bella’s legs sticking out of it, as it tried to figure out just what was inside her.

I was having a little difficulty with what was inside of me as well. On the one hand, I couldn’t wait to tell Bella he mother was fine and at home. Well, maybe not fine in the strictest sense, but would recover from her injuries. On the other hand, I now knew her father was a cop, and this complicated things far more than was really comfortable for me. As if this whole fucked up situation needed some additional complexities. Kind of the same way Rubik’s Cube wasn’t hard enough by itself, they had to make all those other puzzles as well, just to make sure you felt like even more of an idiot.

When I was sixteen and I started making the first real money I had ever had in my life, I bought every fucking one of those puzzle games. I couldn’t do any of them, but I figured out pretty quickly how easy it was to pop the things apart and put them all back together again in the right order. Maybe I didn’t do things the traditional way, but I still got them done. Eventually not being able to do them the right way pissed me off, and I chucked them out the window of my car.

I bought a bunch of other shit, too – stuff I had never had before. I put stand up video games and a pool table in the townhouse I bought, as well as a huge water bed. I always thought those were so cool. The novelty wore off pretty quick, though, and I switched to one of those squishy adjustable mattresses instead.

I bought a boat, too, even though I didn’t know how to drive one. Wrecked it into a dock and just ditched it there. I pretty much bought everything I saw that held any interest for me at all – including every set of Star Wars Legos to be found in the tri-state area. My living room became the Death Star trench run over that weekend. Once it was all built I was tired with it, and threw it all out.

It was quite a difference for a kid who had acquired most of his toys as cast-off trash before.

Going from having nothing to having whatever you wanted pretty much over night definitely had its impact. I hadn’t really thought about stuff and things when I was younger – and then all of the sudden I could have everything, and I kind of felt I was entitled to it. After all, I had grown up without anything, so I definitely had it coming to me now that I could afford it.

As I watched Doctor Cope help Bella out of the scanning machine, I realized I had done the same with her. I didn’t have what I wanted, so I bought what I thought I wanted instead. But what I originally thought I wanted…well, I didn’t. Not anymore. Maybe I never did.

As I looked at Bella, though – I knew I still wanted her.

Fucking sue me.

Doctor Cope gestured for me to enter, so I went through he sliding doors and sat down in the chair next to Bella as the doctor went over her findings.

“Isabella’s in good health, and doesn’t seem to have any permanent injuries,” Doctor Cope said.

“Bella,” I corrected her. Bella glanced over to me as the doctor apologized and started going through a million freaking vitals and such, until I told her to shut up and give me what I actually wanted. Doctor Cope looked up to me and batted her eyelashes a bit, then laid straight into the pertinent information.

“Edward – are you still a ‘bad news first’ kind of guy?”

“Don’t fuck around,” I growled. “Just spit the shit out.”

“I found the chip, but I can’t remove it.”

Well, I guess that was pretty straight forward, right?

Chapter End Notes:

You didn't really think it would be that easy, did ya?

CBWR? Chapter 45

Chapter 45

I sat outside the examination room on a laptop I swiped from Rosalie and looked for information. Bella had just gone into whatever full-bodied scanner the physician on my payroll could get her into, promising that if it was there, he could find it. Yeah, we’ll see. I just had image of playing Theme Hospital in my head. I always thought about that video game when I was around hospitals or doctors. They freaked me out. I mean, what kind of person wants to be around people who are sick and are going to die on them all the time? Why would anyone want to do that?

Bella didn’t appear to be speaking to me, though I wasn’t sure for what exact reason. It could be because I didn’t let her stick around while I smacked some information out of that asshole, or maybe because I didn’t let her do it herself. She might have been pissed about her mom, or maybe she was just fundamentally fed up with the numerous ways I had fucked up her life. Whatever it was, I had the feeling the nine hour flight to Paris was going to be a little tense. I hoped she would sleep for some of it.

While I waited, I dug through the on-line articles, looking for anything that sounded like Bella and her mom. It took a while, but I did find an article from about a month ago in a Seattle newspaper. Seattle? Has she really been kidnapped three thousand miles away from the coffee shop where I filled out the details of what I wanted?

Mother abducted –thrown out of moving vehicle; daughter remains missing

Early Saturday morning, construction workers discovered an injured woman lying on the side of an entrance ramp to the I-5 just north of Lynnwood. The woman, later identified as Renee Swan, was immediately rushed to the hospital where she informed authorities that she and her daughter had been abducted as they left the movie theater Friday night. Renee Swan was treated for multiple fractures on her right side, including her arm and leg, as well as several broken ribs and lacerations. Authorities believe she sustained these injuries when thrown from a moving vehicle. She is reported to be in stable condition at this time. Her daughter remains missing.

Underneath the short article was what appeared to be one of Bella’s school pictures, as well as a picture of her and her mother together. Standing behind them was a tall man with a moustache, who I assumed was her father, wearing a dark blue suit.

No…not a suit. A uniform.

Fuck my life.

There’s no way her father could be a cop, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Yeah dude - you're fucked.