Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 79

Author’s notes:
Answers to various questions/comments – 1) Bella got the depo shot from Aro, and it hasn’t been 3 months, so she’s still covered.  2) Call it cock-block if you will, but this “scene” is going to last multiple chapters.  If you don’t want it to last that long, say the word – I’ll fade to black and write the day after chapter.  Ha!  Yeah…didn’t think so. *evil grin*
Ok, failed that one.
Chapter 79
Bella’s fingers ran around the edge of my boxers from the back to the sides before she started pushing them down, freeing my aching cock in the process.  I kicked out of them, toeing off my socks as well, but not breaking the kiss.  That is, until I felt Bella’s hand wrap around me.
“Shit…Bella…”  I tried to get a grip on my breathing while she had a grip on my cock, but it just wasn’t working.  I pulled her hand away, and she narrowed her eyes at me.  “Not yet, okay?”
“Because it feels so fucking good I’m going to come all over your hand if you do that now.”
She bit down on her lip to try and hide her smile, then trailed the tips of her fingers over my length before letting go and placing her hands on my shoulders instead.  I hissed at the feeling and leaned my forehead against her shoulder.
“I want to make this right,” I whispered.
“You will,” she said encouragingly.
“I’ll try.”  It was all I could do.  I looked back to her eyes, kissed her once more, and tried to come up with some kind of brilliant strategy.
Brilliant strategy step one – come up with brilliant strategy prior to being naked.
Ok, failed that one.
Next step – she had to be ready.
Better luck this time…I hoped.
My hands went to her breasts, my thumbs brushing over her nipples.  They hardened under my touch, and Bella leaned her head back against the wall, closing her eyes in the process.  I moved my hands down, over her stomach and to her sides as I slowly knelt down before her.  I hooked my thumbs into the edges of her panties and then looked up to her eyes.
She was smiling, and reached down to run her hand through my hair as she nodded.  Taking a single, deep breath, I pulled them down her legs, watching my progress as they dropped lower.  I didn’t look up to the area I had exposed…I wasn’t ready for that yet.
When I reached the floor, Bella stepped out of her heels and let me pull the panties over her feet and off of her all together.  I ran the edge of my fingers across her feet and to her ankles as I tried to mentally prepare myself to look up again.  I wanted to see her – no fucking doubt of that at all – but I was kind of afraid of it, too, though I couldn’t tell you why.
If I had known…
I slowly looked up, figuring I couldn’t spend all night down where I was, and my eyes tried to bug out of my head.
“Holy fucking shit,” I whispered.
Bella had apparently done more at the spa than I had realized.
She was totally fucking bare, and I wasn’t prepared for that at all.
“Is it okay?” Bella asked quietly.  “I didn’t really know what you preferred…”
I couldn’t speak outside of expletives, so I went with a muted nod instead.  I ran my hands up the sides of her legs, resisting the urge to just haul her over to the bed and start pounding into her beautiful, naked pussy.
As if my cock was throbbing before, the visual floating around in my head was going straight to my other head.
I tried to get both my breathing and heart rate to calm down a bit, and then ran my hands up the back of her calves.  I leaned forward, placing light kisses up one thigh, then the other.  I didn’t reach out for her pussy – not yet – but I did bring my hands up to her backside to pull her towards me as my lips brushed over her hips and stomach.
“Bella?”  I looked up to her face.
“Yes?”  Apparently her breathing as a little off, too.
“Can I take you to bed now?”
She nodded, and I stood up.  My hands found hers – lacing our fingers together before I turned and led her over to the bed and the rose petals, which were suddenly looking really stupid and childish to me.  I wished I hadn’t done it at all, but then Bella gasped.
“Oh my God,” she whispered.  She let go of one of my hands and placed hers over her mouth.  “Did you do that?”
She looked from the bed, covered in a rose-petal heart, to me.
“It’s beautiful.”
I guess I got something right, right?
Chapter end notes:
So far so good, right?
More soccer games tonight.  There might be a late update, though.