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CBWR? Chapter 87

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Oh God.

Chapter 87
“You are under arrest for the kidnapping and rape of Isabella Swan.”
There was a long list of other charges – accessory to human trafficking, possession of an illegal firearm, possession of fraudulent identification, blah blah blah.
I stopped listening.
“I didn’t rape her,” I kept saying.  “It was consensual.”
“Statutory rape, then,” the officer sneered after I repeated myself for the tenth time.
“She’s nineteen,” I snapped back at him.
He snorted.
“She turned eighteen two days ago.”
My eyes snapped shut as all the little jigsaw pieces fell together.  Another year of high school, her guarded looks when I mentioned her turning nineteen…
“Her birthday was the first time,” I said.  “She’ll confirm that.”
He snorted again, and since I refused to make any further comment, he eventually locked me up in a cell and left me alone.
Extradition from France happened a lot faster than I would have thought, and before I could truly even wrap my head around what was happening I was back in the states and awaiting a bond hearing.  I hadn’t seen Bella since she was taken out of the room in the arms of her father.
Everything inside of me just felt…dead.  It didn’t take me long to realize it was the way I had always felt before I had ever heard if Isabella Swan.  The feeling was almost comfortable, and certainly very familiar.
My attorney, Garrett Milton, sat across the table from me and read over the list of charges while I smoked the first cigarette I had been allowed since I was taken from France.
“The girl is being extremely uncooperative, which is good,” he said.
“Bella,” I growled.
“She has a name, fucker.”  I turned my eyes up to him and watched him flinch back a little.  “It’s Bella.  Not the girl.  Got it?”
“Sure,” he said with a nod.
Garrett filled in a lot of the holes for me.  Lee Stephens – private investigator hired by her father – had obviously managed to track us to Germany.  He and his assistant lost us, though, and how they found out exactly where we were in Paris was still a bit of a mystery.  I had a sneaking suspicion I knew how, though.
I asked Garrett if he could get my phone.  It cost about ten grand in bribes, but he brought it during our next meeting.  The first thing I did was to listen to the four voice mails from R.H. on the phone.
“Time to bug, E.  We got a mole.”
“You better fucking call me back.  J. Jenks knows B’s father.”
“Call me.  Now!”
“They’re on their way.  Long-range shooter in tow.”
The only thing that surprised me was the name – J. Jenks, the document man.  Jasper had used him for years.  I tapped the phone until I brought up the recent history.
There it was.
September 13th at 17:47 – there was a single three minute call to a Washington area phone number.  I would have been in the shower, getting ready for our date.
More than time enough to trace.
I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath through my mouth, then slowly let it out through my nose.  I should have felt angry at her, but I didn’t.  I couldn’t. 
“How old is she really?” I asked.
“She turned eighteen earlier this month.”
I reached behind my neck and scratched at the bandage there.  The supposed sharp shooter claimed he had intended to only graze me, but I was willing to be Bella’s father had requested a kill shot.
“She’s definitely giving them problems,” Garrett continued.  “They wanted to be able to treat her as a hostile witness, but then they found out you somehow got legally married before you left the country they had to throw that out the window.  Until the marriage is declared void, she can’t be forced to testify against you.  Not sure how you pulled that one off.  Of course, it would never stand up long-term, but it’s election time and the Prosecutor is up for reelection next month…”
When it came right down to it, after all of Garrett’s babbling, the only charges they thought they could make stick was the unauthorized transportation of a minor out of the country and statutory rape.
“I didn’t have sex with her until her birthday,” I told him.  Garrett just looked at me.
“Edward, you know we’re alone here.”
“I’m telling you, I didn’t.”
“You didn’t sleep with the girl you bought for sex?”
“No…I just…look, I didn’t, all right?”
“Not even a blowjob?” Garrett snickered.
“Fuck.”  I ran my hands through my hair.  “Does that count?”
“Well…yeah,” Garrett said.  “In the legal sense, anyway.  But you haven’t mentioned it to anyone, have you?”
He might have continued taking for quite some time after that, but I didn’t hear him.  I was fairly sure someone out of a Wiley Coyote cartoon had just run by and dropped an anvil on my chest and shoved dynamite up my ass.  I tried to swallow, but my throat wasn’t working.
Blow jobs count, fucker.
And she didn’t want it.
She didn’t have any choice.
She thought Aro would kill her mother if she didn’t deep-throat me.
She thought I was going to kill her if she didn’t do everything I wanted.
And I wanted my cock sucked.
I couldn’t breathe.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
“I raped her.”
My head began to throb in my temples with a pain unlike anything I had ever felt before.  My vision blurred, and the room started spinning on me.  I turned and leaned over towards the floor just in time to avoid spewing lunch all over the legal papers Garrett had so neatly spread out before us.
I raped her.
I raped Bella.
More lunch.
I started getting light-headed as my short, panting breaths began to over-oxygenating my brain.
Blow jobs count.
I raped her.
Oh God.
I raped Bella.
I did.
Oh God.
Everything went dark, and I felt myself hit the floor.
I deserved whatever I got, right?

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Ohhhh Doofy....
Truth sucks.
Gotta get a whole lot worse before...
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CBWR? Chapter 86

Author’s notes:
What a bunch of whiners you are!  LOL  j/k
Sorry – I know I left you in a horrible spot.  Yes, I am a sadist.  I couldn’t let you wait too long though, so here’s the next one.  It’s not a lengthy chapter, but it will at least leave you in a slightly better place.
I didn’t get the chance.
Chapter 86
The back of my neck was burning, but all that went through my head was Bella.
She’s not safe…not safe…not safe…
I was such a fucking idiot.  I had let everything I had been feeling for her – with her – take over all my logical thought, and had all but forgotten our actual predicament.  I had forgotten the most important thing, which was keeping her safe.  My arms went around her, and I flung her down to the ground, covering her with my body as much as I could. 
“Shut up!” I hissed.  “Stay down!  Don’t fucking move!”
She whimpered, but did as I said.  Whoever was shooting wasn’t a great shot, or I’d be dead.  I reached up to the back of my neck, which really fucking hurt, but seemed to only be a graze.  My hand came back with blood on my fingers, but I wasn’t gushing anywhere - definitely just grazed.  I looked over to the little table next to the bed, where my gun was sitting.
I had to get to it, but I couldn’t leave her.
My mind spun around as I tried to think – as I tried to react – but all I could do was think about what an idiot I was for not remembering the person who had tried to follow us from Germany, as well as whoever else might be after either me or her.  Now Bella could be hurt again, and there was no fucking way I could let that happen.  I took a deep breath, and started to raise myself up.  Maybe I could haul her across the floor with me; still keeping her covered while I went for the gun.
I didn’t get the chance.
The door broke open, and splinters of wood flew in every direction.  Again, I pulled Bella close.  I had fucked this up so bad, but there was no way I was going to let anyone take her away and make her do anything she didn’t want to do.  They’d have to fucking kill me first.
Unfortunately, that probably wasn’t going to be very difficult.
The next words I heard both thrilled and condemned me.
“Release your hostage and get your hands where we can see them!”
Fucking cops.
They wouldn’t hurt her.
Bella’s hands gripped my arms tightly, and I turned my head to look down into her panicked eyes.   I raised my hand off the floor long enough to brush the edge of her cheek with my thumb.
“Release her, now!”
“They won’t hurt you,” I whispered to her.  “You’ll be okay…but you have to find Rosalie.  You have to get that chip deactivated.  You hear me?”
“No…no, Edward!  I’ll explain…they won’t…they won’t…”
I shook my head as I heard the footsteps of several people walking farther into the room and closer to where my body covered hers on the floor.  I still didn’t make a move to look at them.  I did notice a decent sized pile of rose petals under the corner of the bed, where the hotel staff had obviously missed them. 
Bella made a strange, muffled sound in her throat.
“Shh…it’s okay,” I told her, stroking her cheek one more time.  I wanted to tell her more, and part of me begged to say the words I wanted to say to her, but I didn’t.
“I won’t let them take you!” Bella said with fervor.
“You can’t stop them,” I replied.
“Like hell I can’t!” she snapped, and then she looked up over my shoulder with heat in her eyes.  A heat the dimmed quickly, her eyes widening first in shock, and then elation.
The next word after that blasted through my torso and had the potential to have left me bleeding out as much as any bullet could have.
I moved to one side as she scrambled out from under me.  I heard shouting, but didn’t completely make out the words, though my subconscious must have taken over to some degree, because I placed my hands on top of my head when they told me to.  My fingers were still wet from being inside of her, they were covered in her scent.  I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply right before I felt my arms being wrenched behind me, one after the other, and I heard the distinctive click of handcuffs.
Someone up there hates me, right?
Chapter end notes:
Ah Doofy…poor guy…please note story title and insert [here].
More tomorrow. 

CBWR? Chapter 85

Author’s Notes:
I know I know…everyone’s freaking.  This chapter isn’t going to make you feel better.
Remember how this story was categorized as angst?  Yeah – we’re here.
Plans can change pretty quickly. 
Chapter 85
The thigh-highs were going to be the death of me.
I pulled Bella into the elevator and jabbed at the button about four hundred times in the vain attempt to get the damn contraption moving faster.  If it hadn’t been for some old dude with a cane I might have just jumped her in the elevator car.  Why is there always an audience around when you don’t want one?
The Louvre was fantastic, because Bella smiled and pointed at things and held my hand.  Dinner at an outdoor café was chilly, so I put my jacket around her shoulders, and Bella smiled and let me run my fingers up and down her arm while we waited for our food to be delivered.  The walk along the Seine was beautiful, because Bella smiled at me and let me put my arm around her shoulders as we walked.
As much as I liked it, I didn’t care about any of that shit at the moment – I just needed her back in the hotel room so I could get back inside of her and listen to her scream my name again.
“Impatient much?” Bella giggled.  I think she actually drank a whole glass and a half of wine at dinner, and seemed a little less sure on her feet than she usually was.
“And you aren’t?” I scoffed.  She practically molested me in front of a statue of a naked guy – right there in the middle of the museum.  The statue guy had a fucking tiny dick, and I pretended to the offended that it would remind her of me.  She giggled and rubbed her ass against the front of my pants.  The elevator opened and I pulled her by our laced-together fingers down the hallway to our room.
Just like the previous night, the Eiffel Tower was all lit up and shining into the hotel window.  The whole city seemed to be lit up below us.  I pulled Bella close to me and cradled her face in my hands before I kissed her.  I had planned to be slow…gentle…like I had been the night before, but Bella seemed to have other, possibly slightly drunken ideas.
She grabbed the belt loops on my pants and pulled me up against her, first grinding against my hardening cock and then reaching between us to palm it.
“If you do that, I’m just going to come in my pants,” I warned her.  She only giggled in response.
“I think that might be kind of funny,” she said as she gripped me a little harder.
“Oh really?”  I grabbed her hand and stepped forward, backing her up against the wall near the window.  I lifted her arm up until it was high above her head, where I pinned it with my hand.  I froze a second, hoping I wasn’t doing anything she wouldn’t like, but when I looked into her eyes they were sparkling with humor and excitement.  She smiled slyly, then reached down and grabbed me with her other hand.  I grabbed that hand, too – then held it up next to the first one.  I raised my eyebrows at her as I gripped both of her wrists with one hand, and then used the other one to run the full length of her body.
“Yeah, we’ll see who’s going to come in their pants now, huh?”
“I’m not wearing any pants.”
“Panties then.”
I ran my free hand over each of her breasts, still looking into her eyes as I moved over her body.  Once my hand got to her stomach, I cupped her sex for a moment through the fabric of her dress, and then dropped lower to pull the dress up higher.
It didn’t have to go a lot higher – the fucker had to be the shortest dress I had ever seen.  I loved it.
My fingers ran down her leg to the edge of her stockings, then around the hem to the inside of her hand and up until I could feel the heat of her core against my fingers.  Her little tiny g-string panties were damp, and I pushed the triangle of fabric out of my way to I could reach her clit.
Bella whimpered, and I covered my mouth with hers.  Our tongues reached for each other’s, the slow caresses of the previous night replaced by a singular urgency.  My fingers circled, retreated, and danced against her clit as she pushed her hips against my hands.  I moaned into her mouth as I felt her getting wetter and wetter, and then slid my fingers deep inside of her with one thrust.
Bella’s head tipped back, banging lightly into the wall.  I kissed her neck, her jaw, and then her ear.  Bella moaned and writhed as I worked my fingers in and out of her.
“You like that, huh?”  I growled against her neck.  My fingers began moving faster and faster – in and out of her wet, slick pussy as my thumb circled around her clit, dropping down sometimes to collect her juices again.
I shoved my chest against hers – still keeping my hips back so I could finger her better – and my mouth latched on to the edge of her jaw.  I wanted some friction against my stiff cock, but it would just have to wait.  I wanted her to come first.  Maybe second as well.  Then I was going to lay her on her back and take myself home again.  At least, that was the plan.
Plans can change pretty quickly. 
Just when things are going pretty well, and you start thinking maybe life isn’t completely out to get you, that’s when the rug gets pulled out from under you.  That’s when you realize that gigantic glacier you’ve been picking your way across has started to melt, and you’re about to fall into a giant ice cave.  That’s when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan.  You can have every step of the next few minutes completely planned out in your head, and they can slowly fade to black as fate rolls the dice and comes up with snake eyes.
It all happened so fucking fast, but at the same time, it was weird how everything slowed down all of the sudden and become crystal clear.
I saw Bella’s glazed eyes as they started to roll back into her head, and her body clenched down on my fingers.
I heard the tiny pinging sound of glass shattering.
I heard the almost-not-there whistle of a tiny missile flying through the air.
I felt the burn of the bullet as it sliced into my skin.
I remembered I never did turn my phone back on again.
Oh shit.
I’d just been shot, right?
Chapter end notes:
It ain’t over yet – I swear.
I’m going back into hiding (i.e., working on UC the rest of today).  There should be another post tomorrow.  You will survive the wait.  I promise.

CBWR? Chapter 84

Author's notes:
No hints, no clues, no promises! You have to wait!
“Is that your phone?”
Chapter 84
I hummed back at her, tilting my head against her hand as she ran fingers over my cheek.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure,” I mumbled back.  I was about eighty percent asleep, and could have found the other twenty percent pretty easily.
“How long do we have to…um…wait?”
“For what?”
“Until we can…do that again?”
Okay.  I was awake again.
“You know,” she continued before I could gather an actual thought.  “Before you can…um…”
Her voice trailed off.  I guess the phrase “how long does it take for your cock to get hard after you come” was a bit much for her to say ten minutes after losing her virginity.
“Maybe twenty minutes or so,” I said.  My heart was pounding again, and I was pretty sure it was considering cutting that time in half, just in case Bella was asking for a specific reason.
“Really?  So we could do it again?  Tonight?”
“Fuck yes!”  Damn my mouth.
Bella giggled and then went back to stroking my cheek.   I felt myself relaxing again, and dropped my head to the pillow beside hers.  My eyes tried to close again, and I thought over the night we had just had – how fucking awesome it was, and how much I wanted to go back and do it all over again.  That started me thinking, which is usually a bad idea.  I wondered if this was a one-time thing for Bella – if she only wanted her one wedding night, and nothing else.  Would she even go out with me again?
I opened my eyes and found her looking at me, a slight smile on her lips.  My mouth opened before I could think, which was nothing new.
“Will you go out with me tomorrow?” I asked.
“Sure,” Bella said simply.  “Where should we go?”
Okay, at least I hadn’t said anything completely stupid this time.
“The Louvre?” I suggested.  That’s in Paris, isn’t it?  Fuck, what if it wasn’t?  “Or just to a café or something?  Go to the water?  Watch the boats?  Anything you want, really.”
Yeah, I was babbling now.
“The Louvre,” she said definitively.  “And dinner again?”
By some miracle, my babbling didn’t seem to hurt.  I thought about how she looked sitting across from me at dinner earlier tonight wearing that red dress, and I remembered she had another one, too.
“You just want a reason to wear that little black dress,” I teased.  Like I didn’t want to see her in it.
“Maybe I’ll dress you up, too,” she said.  “You look pretty good in a suit and tie, you know.”
“I fucking hate ties,” I told her.
“I think a black suit, with that same red tie,” Bella started planning and talking over me like I wasn’t even there.  She placed one fingertip on the end of her chin and tapped softly.  Then she started speaking in a horrible French accent.  “Red suspenders would make you look absolutely delectable.”
Actually, she sounded quite a bit like the gay guy at the salon.
“Are you serious?” I asked.
“Most certainly.” 
I was pretty sure she was mimicking him at this point.  I looked at her eyes for a while, trying to decide if she was just messing with me or not.  She really didn’t look like she was joking.
“If I have to wear suspenders and a tie, you have to wear thigh-high stockings and garters.”
Damn…I kind of thought she would refuse that one.
“I already have the stockings and garters,” she admitted.  “They were part of what Alice and I ordered before we left.  She said there was no way I was going to be in Paris with nothing to wear.”
“You guys are crazy,” I mumbled, and she laughed.  I leaned over and kissed her nose, and she wrapped her hands around the back of my head and pressed her lips to mine.  A minute later, a buzzing sound came from the other side of the room.  My fucking phone.  It was probably Alice, pissed that we were talking about her.  I didn’t know who it was, and really didn’t give a fuck, either.
“Is that your phone?” Bella asked.
“Yeah – ignore it.”
We went back to kissing, and eventually the damn thing shut up.  It went off a few minutes later though, but I didn’t think Bella noticed.  I continued kissing down her neck and then over to her breasts, sucking each nipple into my mouth.
Twenty minutes was definitely up, and I didn’t want to waste any more time.  I pulled her leg up over my hip and slowly pushed inside of her again.  I felt like I belonged right there – like I had finally figured out where my home was.  I rested my palm against her face.
“Are you okay?  Not sore or anything?”
“Mmmm…more than okay,” she responded.  Her heel dug into my backside a little, pulling me closer each time I moved my hips forward.  I moved without haste, wanting it to last longer than the first one.  I wanted to feel her come while I was inside of her this time. 
My hand moved from her hip to between us – just above where we joined.  I spread my first two fingers apart, surrounding my cock as it moved in and out of her.  Bella gasped as my thumb found her clit and started slowly circling - matching the quiet thrusts inside of her.
“You feel so good,” I mumbled.  “So, so good inside…”
Bella moaned unintelligibly and tucked her head against my chest.  I grabbed her ass with my hand, pulling her to me each time I thrust into her, and she started gasping with each thrust, her sharp breaths matching how I moved, and encouraging me to move faster.
Bella’s hands wrapped around my head and the back of my shoulders, and I quickened my pace.  With her eyes tightly closed, Bella’s panting breaths turned into short cries, muffled by my chest as her body shook around me, tightening on my cock.  I couldn’t hold back at that point, and felt the waves of sensation cascade around my body as I whisper-cried her name against the top of her head.
For a long time, we just stayed in the same position, wrapped up in each other and holding on tightly.  I tried to match her breaths as they slowed and calmed, and tried to keep myself pressed close enough to her that I didn’t slip out.  That didn’t really work for very long, though.  Eventually we had to move a little.  I kissed her forehead, and Bella looked up at me a smiled, then blushed, then mumbled about needed to pee.
While Bella snuck off to the bathroom, my phone started buzzing again.  I reached down to my discarded pants, pulled the thing out of my pocket and switched it off.  I noticed Rosalie’s name on the screen right before it shut down, and I figured what she was calling about.  They’d finally got it right, and deactivated the chips.  I didn’t want to hear that right now, because it would just be the beginning of the end.  I knew it was coming, but it didn’t have to show up right now – not this night.  Nothing was going to ruin this night for us.  Nothing. 
Whatever it was could wait until tomorrow, right?
Chapter end notes:

Answer the damn phone, Doofus!!!  I guess he's a little wrapped up in the moment.

There should be one more chapter out today.