Monday, April 18, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 45

Chapter 45

I sat outside the examination room on a laptop I swiped from Rosalie and looked for information. Bella had just gone into whatever full-bodied scanner the physician on my payroll could get her into, promising that if it was there, he could find it. Yeah, we’ll see. I just had image of playing Theme Hospital in my head. I always thought about that video game when I was around hospitals or doctors. They freaked me out. I mean, what kind of person wants to be around people who are sick and are going to die on them all the time? Why would anyone want to do that?

Bella didn’t appear to be speaking to me, though I wasn’t sure for what exact reason. It could be because I didn’t let her stick around while I smacked some information out of that asshole, or maybe because I didn’t let her do it herself. She might have been pissed about her mom, or maybe she was just fundamentally fed up with the numerous ways I had fucked up her life. Whatever it was, I had the feeling the nine hour flight to Paris was going to be a little tense. I hoped she would sleep for some of it.

While I waited, I dug through the on-line articles, looking for anything that sounded like Bella and her mom. It took a while, but I did find an article from about a month ago in a Seattle newspaper. Seattle? Has she really been kidnapped three thousand miles away from the coffee shop where I filled out the details of what I wanted?

Mother abducted –thrown out of moving vehicle; daughter remains missing

Early Saturday morning, construction workers discovered an injured woman lying on the side of an entrance ramp to the I-5 just north of Lynnwood. The woman, later identified as Renee Swan, was immediately rushed to the hospital where she informed authorities that she and her daughter had been abducted as they left the movie theater Friday night. Renee Swan was treated for multiple fractures on her right side, including her arm and leg, as well as several broken ribs and lacerations. Authorities believe she sustained these injuries when thrown from a moving vehicle. She is reported to be in stable condition at this time. Her daughter remains missing.

Underneath the short article was what appeared to be one of Bella’s school pictures, as well as a picture of her and her mother together. Standing behind them was a tall man with a moustache, who I assumed was her father, wearing a dark blue suit.

No…not a suit. A uniform.

Fuck my life.

There’s no way her father could be a cop, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Yeah dude - you're fucked.


  1. LMAO LOVE your A/N. You're so right.


  2. yup, daddy's 50. hopefully b will take pitty on e and not turn him in

  3. Lol now he knows how she knows guns

  4. Seriously f@#^ed!!!!!! I knew Charlie wud cum into play sooner or latr!!!!!!!!! But yea DoucheWard.......ur absofreakinglutely finally using the head u oughtta have used so long ago!!!! So quick facts, find out what hospital she was treated at!!!! But then OME Chief Swan wud b all up on ur A@#!!!!!!!

    Dis iz gunna be interestin....if he doesnt kill himself or Bells doesnt do it, make no mistake that Charlie wud at least attempt to. Would Bells vouch 4 his life evn then?!?!?!? So many possibilities!!!!!!!

  5. Well duh Edward, how else did she learn to shoot. Wonder how he'll get around that little piece of information.

  6. Oh yeah, a cop with a grudge. Look out.  

  7. Hmmmm....I wonder where Bella learned how to shoot. Oh Edward, seems like he's royally fucked now 

  8. Well, thank God Renee seems to be alive.. What will happen if they make it through... Of course, Charlie will probably be happy they killed them all.. He would probably do it.. But E does have some legit businesses.. He doesn't have to know he's a criminal does he? LOL


  9. haven't commented in a while....this is what I was waiting for ......... now Eddie knows why she can shot a Barretta......... yep because of Charlie....glad to hear that Renee was found...... hope she is home with Charlie.....

  10. Haha, had to laugh at that last bit. Yeah your fucked.

  11. <---------- *** Squeals OMG!!! I kept wondering about Charlie and waiting for some reference... perfect. it keeps getting better! 

  12. Yay, Renee is alive. Is Charlie too?
    Will he be a complication now?

  13. Edward might just get thrown in jail after all this shit is over

  14. Yep. He'll be lucky if Charie isn't out there hunting for him right now.