OK - I can't possibly respond to all these reviews! It is a problem I love to have! Here are the answers to a lot of the questions.

Could Be Worse, Right? FAQ:

Are you abandoning UC because of writer’s block?
Heck no! Writing this has actually helping me get through some of the places I have had difficulty writing in UC. UC will continue to be on-schedule, with regular updates. This week is iffy, since I’m going out of town, but I’m working on it now, and it’s getting close. I’ll still have a teaser today.

Do you condone non-consensual slavery?
Of course not! This is fiction, and please read it as such. I didn’t condone kidnapping in H&D, death matches in SB or anything else illegal/illicit. It is the means to tell a story, nothing more. Consensual slavery is a whole other topic. If you like it, have at it. ;)

Are you ever going to write a sequel to SB or more of JB?
Yes, someday for SB, maybe for JB. I don’t know when. Not for a while.

Have you read story XYZ that’s also about BDSM/Slavery?
Probably. I like these kinds of stories, and have read many of them. Some I liked, some I didn’t. Though there are no truly original story lines out there (look up the seven story types – that’s all there really are), there are original STORIES, if you see the difference there. This is not going to be like any of the other stories I have read, at least. Elements will remain the same, of course (it’s still going to have twilight characters in it, for instance). I still appreciate fic recs, so continue to pass those along!

Will you get tired of this and never finish it?
Absolutely not. Once I get going on it, I would never totally abandon a story. It will be in the back seat compared to UC as far as my priorities go, but I will see it through to the end. With the kind of response I got from the first chapter, how could I not? You guys are an awesome reason to continue!

I’m not sure if I like this whole premise! What if this story isn’t for me?
Quite all right – I’m not going to be hurt/offended if this story isn’t for you. I think I’ve mentioned in most every story that I’ve written that I’m surprised that so many people enjoy some of the more harsh subject matter I write. Good to know I’m not alone in my depravity. Ha! If this isn’t a topic you are going to enjoy, feel free to bow out and wait for UC to update instead. I swear I won’t hold it against you!

Are you going to change POV?
No. I don’t change POV in stories. For me, it is a distraction and takes away from really understanding a person’s motives and thoughts. You will only know what the character knows.

Is this Edward going to be redeemable?
I’ve been asked this question at some point in every single story I’ve written. The answer isn’t simple, since we all have different ideals and morals guiding what actions make a person “redeemable” or not in our eyes. Was H&D Edward redeemable? For many readers, he was not. SB’s Edward? Lots of people bailed when he went through DTs and slapped Bella. Like all the others, whether or not he can be “saved” is completely up to how you view it. I’m not making any promises, but chances are if you forgave those other Edwards, you would probably forgive this one.

What do you have against vegetarians?
I am a vegetarian. :)

Are you going to make me wait 15 chapters for the full-on smut?
Well…the chapters are going to be short… ;)
Probably not. Maybe. I don’t’ know yet!!! 24 hours ago, the very idea didn’t even exist. Now I have 3/4th of an outline in my head…

Are you going to give them an HEA?
I never promise anything when it comes to an ending. As with any story, the fun is getting there. If you are a “must have HEA” kind of person, wait until it’s done, then read the last chapter and decide if you want to read the rest. That goes for anything I write. I’m not giving away plot.
I hope that answers most of the questions you have thus far. I am going to post some more tonight, as well as a UC Teaser. It is Tuesday after all!