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CBWR? Chapter 71

Author’s Notes:
I am to a virgin!!!  *sad face*
Nobody on Twitter believes me.  Nobody believes me.  Not even my kids.
Damnit, I sounded like a fucking teenager.
Chapter 71
Bella’s hand continued running up and down my lounge-pants covered shaft while my brain turned into a melted pudding pop.  My hand was still against her breast, and my mouth was still completely engulfed in hers, so I couldn’t really protest.
Not that I wanted to.
What I wanted to do was roll right over her, shred the sweats she was wearing and fuck her into tomorrow.
Bella’s birthday.
“Bella,” I mumbled around her lips.  It was really hard to remove myself from those lips, but I felt like I really, really needed to try.  “Bella please…please…stop.”
She broke away from me and looked up into my eyes, the hurt and confusion from the other night coming back and tearing into me.  I was going to fuck it all up again.  I couldn’t let that happen.
“No!”  I cried out, and my hand went immediately from her breast to the side of her face.  “I want you, Bella…Bella I do…I want you so much!”
“Why stop?” she asked.
I take her face in both of my hands and kiss her softly on her lips.
“I will give you your wedding night,” I vowed to her.  It wasn’t lost on me that we hadn’t really had any wedding vows at all – just said a couple of words while the overworked guy at his desk signed the papers.  “I swear I will.  But I want to make it perfect for you.  I don’t want to rush into it when you’re probably still mad at me, at least a little.”
“I’m not,” she insisted with a shake of her head.  “I’m ready now, Edward.”
“I’m not ready,” I told her.  “You are too important to just do this.  I want to…to make it right.  Make it…special?”
Why did I sound like I was asking a fucking question?
“Please, Bella.  Please let me make it right for you.  I just need a little time.”
Bella pushed me back away from her and sat up.  She looked over to the twinkling lights outside the window and bit at her lip for a minute before turning back.
“Tomorrow?” she said softly
“Tomorrow,” I agreed.
Bella smiled, but her disappointment still obvious in her expression.  I don’t know why I didn’t occur to me before, but there was still plenty to be done, even if we weren’t going all the way.
Damnit, I sounded like a fucking teenager.
Of course, Bella was a fucking teenager.
Well, not a fucking one.  Not yet anyway.
I tugged at my hair for a second to try and refocus myself.  If I thought about this too much…I mean, she really was young.  Eighteen to my twenty eight.  No wait – nineteen tomorrow.  That made all the difference, didn’t it?  At least I wasn’t a full decade older than her was.
Bella reached down and grabbed her shirt where it lay on top of the blanket.  I put my hand on top of hers, stopping her movement.
“That didn’t mean I was done with you yet,” I told her, and her eyes flashed up to mine.  I slid my fingers up the side of her arm slowly, then across her shoulder and back down to her breast.  So soft…  I glanced back up at her as my thumb grazed her nipple.  “I just want to save the rest for tomorrow, you know?”
“Birthday present?” Bella said as she raised her eyebrows at me.
“Exactly.”  I smiled.  Looking into her eyes, I took the chance and ran my thumb back over her nipple again, then pinched it softly.  She gasped, and I covered her mouth with mine as I slowly lowered her back to the bed.  I held myself over her and kissed slowly up her jaw to her ear.
“I still get to give you an early birthday present, don’t I?”
“Hmm…” Bella hummed.  “What are you going to give me?”
My hand traveled down her neck and rested on her hip.  I knew exactly what I wanted to give her, but I wasn’t really too sure how to go about saying it.  I knew one thing – I had about a ninety percent chance of saying it wrong.  My best strategy had been to shut the fuck up, but I had to say something here.  I want to shove my fingers in your pussy and make you come while screaming my name didn’t seem to be the most romantic option.
I looked from my hand back to her face, hoping I was doing the right thing and not reading her wrong.  If she was ready to actually have sex with me, surely this would be okay.  I licked my lips and took a slow breath, blowing warm air gently over her neck.  Bella shivered, and her fingers dug into my biceps.  I moved back down her jaw, over her chin, and then down her neck.  I kissed across her collarbones and nuzzled my nose against the top of her breasts before I brought my eyes back to hers.
“Can I touch you?”  My hand slipped from her hip to her stomach, and my fingers lifted the edge of her sweats up just a little so they could sneak underneath.
She would let me do this, right?
Chapter end notes:
Who remembers pudding pops?  Do they still make those?  I want a pudding pop….
They are making progress!!  And of COURSE I cock-blocked you!!  The chapters are freaking tiny!  It will take about fifteen of them to make a whole smut scene!  I could write one whole chapter that would be nothing but him coming! 
Hey….that’s not a bad idea…
Until tomorrow!

CBWR? Chapter 70

Author's notes:
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth be with you!
Then her hand abruptly dropped lower.
Chapter 70
Shower to get the smoke smell off of me – check.
Extra tooth brushing to get the smoke smell off me – check.
Hefty doses of mouthwash for the same – check.
Room aired out for…um…there’s a theme here, isn’t there?  – check.
Leaving my shirt off right before I came to bed at Bella’s request – double-fucking check.
Okay – so we weren’t actually having make up sex, because we weren’t..well…having sex…but the term meant something to me for the first time ever.  Emmett had talked about it before, and I had certainly heard the expression on more than one occasion, but I didn’t really understand it.  I guess I’d never “made up” with someone before.
Bella’s hands were in my hair, then running down my arms and back up over my chest.  Her mouth never left mine, and I was actually starting to wonder if she was on the swimming team or something, because she could really hold her breath a long time.  I ran my hand over her stomach and held onto her waist while I kissed her –trying to not be too forceful, though I was feeling a little more…urgent… as time went by.  Well, all right, I was hard as a rock.  I kept pulling back a little with my hips, because I didn’t want to be grinding up against her.  I mean, I did want to, but I wasn’t ready to give her a proper wedding night now – I needed to prepare first.
My fingers snuck underneath the hem of her shirt just a little – just so I could feel her skin.  Bella pushed me back a bit, and I cringed, sure I had overstepped whatever boundaries there were.  She raised herself up a little then grabbed the end of her shirt and pulled it up over her head.
“Jesus,” I whispered.  I was completely unable to take my eyes away from her breasts.  I’d seen them before – touched them, tasted them – but they seemed different than I remembered.  More beautiful, more symmetrical, more generally fucking perfect.
Bella’s hands reached for my biceps and pulled me back down over her, bringing my lips back to hers.  My hand went back to her waist, then tentatively up a little – just farther along her side.  Frankly, I was scared shitless to touch them.  Once I did I’d probably lose all sense, and then I’d fucked up my plan for tomorrow – whatever the hell that was going to be.
Apparently, Bella was going to have none of that, though, because she let go of my arm, grabbed my hand, and moved it right over the top of her right breast.  I cursed into her mouth, because I couldn’t properly speak with my tongue running around in there.  It was so soft and round, and when I gripped it just a little she moaned.  I ran my thumb over the nipple, feeling it harden with my touch.  Bella’s hands were all over me – up over my shoulders, my back, down to my stomach.  Her fingers tickled over my abs, and between that and the fall night breeze coming in through the windows, my skin rose up in gooseflesh.
Then her hand abruptly dropped lower.
And it wrapped around my cock.
Oh God…
She stroked it from base to tip, then back again.
And I just about lost my mind.
Not much of a loss, though, right?
Chapter end notes:
Ohhh...Doofy...will you be able to cope with this?
I should have another update out later today.