Thursday, May 5, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 72

Author's Notes:
Hmm...  I might not have anything to say.
Bella liked dirty talk. 
Chapter 72
I felt my heart start beating again as Bella slowly nodded her head at me.  As my left hand pushed past the hem of her sweats, my right hand reached back behind her head, bringing her up towards me so I could keep kissing her.  I was really, really afraid of freaking her out – she hadn’t had a nightmare for several days, and I didn’t want to do anything that might trigger another one.  I had no idea what all had been done to her while she was with Aro and James, and I was still too scared to ask her.
I kissed her slowly while my hand delved through the soft hair under her pants, pushing just two of my fingers farther down, underneath the elastic of her panties, stroking over her clit.  She moaned a little, and I moved down more, honestly surprised by how much moisture there was to be found there already.  The tips of my fingers ran around the outside of her entrance, just gathering the wetness there before bringing them back up and slowly circling around her clit.
Bella gasped and her head tilted back, breaking her lips away from mine.
“You like that?” I ask with a bit of a smile.  For the first time since she kissed me in Germany, I felt like I knew what I was doing.  This was something I was good at – at least according to the other women I had known.
“Yes,” she said softly, not looking at me.  Her cheeks turned pink, and I cupped her chin in my hand.
“If I do anything you don’t like, you have to tell me,” I said with more vehemence than I intended.  I took a deep breath.  “Tell me if you like what I’m doing as well, okay?”
“Okay,” she said quietly.  Her eyes blinked a few times, and I kept watching them as I ran my fingers over her again.  Her eyes widened, and her mouth opened just a little as her breath became more shallow and quickened.
I kissed up her jaw again, moving slowly up to her ear.  I sucked on the lobe while my fingers glided over her soft flesh.  I felt her hips tip up a little, and increased the pressure as I touched her clit.  She looked absolutely stunning when I looked up at her face, with her eyes mostly closed.  I kissed down to her shoulder, running my tongue over her warm skin, and then blowing softly until she shivered.
My hand rocked back and forth, and I took cues from her expression and the pace of her hips moving against me.  One of Bella’s hands gripped my shoulder while the other laced into my hair.  I brought my lips back to her mouth, lightly tracing her lips with my tongue while my fingers slid up and down.
My middle finger circled her opening, softly running around the moist edge.  Carefully, I slipped it inside just a little ways, and my eyes squeezed tight as I felt her flesh surrounding it.  Bella gasped again, and I had to look up to make sure she was okay.  I’d never been with a virgin – never – and coupling that with not knowing what they had done to her before…well, apprehension didn’t even begin to describe what I felt.  Thankfully, Bella was there to set me straight.  Her eyes darted over to mine.
“That feels good,” she whispered. 
“You sure?”
“Oh yes.”
I nodded and pulled my finger back out, and then pushed it inside of her again, a little farther this time.  I had no idea what I was expecting – an actual, physical barrier blocking even my finger from going in? I knew she was tight – no fucking doubt about that – even my finger felt constricted inside of her.  I shifted positions a little, pushing it up farther, and then bringing it back out to circle around her clit again.
Bella’s hips bucked up against me, effectively pushing my whole hand against her sensitive flesh.
“You want more of that, baby?” I whispered into her ear.  Bella moaned in response.  “You like my finger in you?”
“Oh God…Edward…”  Her eyes had gone all wide and wild, and when she looked at me I couldn’t help but smirk.  Definitely a smirk, not a smile.  Bella liked dirty talk.  Yeah – I could definitely work with that.
“How does that feel, baby?” I asked her as I slid my finger inside of her, feeling less resistance this time.  “You want more of that, don’t you?”
I flicked my tongue over her nipple, and her whole body jumped.  She landed back on the mattress with her head back and her neck arched.  Her hips pushed against my hand, driving my middle finger completely inside of her.  Her cheeks and neck flushed pink, and her chest began to rise and fall as she angled her hips and started moving faster with me.
So fucking beautiful.
My thumb went to her clit, stroking it and wetting it with her own moisture as she continued writhe against the bed.
“You feel so good in side.”  I licked and sucked at her nipple, then moved to the other one.  “I can’t wait until my cock’s inside of you, stroking you just like my finger is now.”
“Don’t you say my name until you scream it,” I murmured into her ear before I went back to her nipples again, biting lightly and humming against them.  I moved my finger all the way in side of her, then back out again before I held it right next to my index finger, and slowly pushed both in together as my thumb pushed down against her clit – hard.
Bella’s entire body seemed to react at once.  Her hips pushed against my hand, her back arched, which made her hardened nipples practically stab holes in the ceiling, and a shudder ran from her body from top to bottom.  Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and when my name came out of her mouth this time, it came out as a wail, and my fingers were squeezed together inside of her.
She was the most incredible sight I had ever seen.
Even when her fingernails dug into the flesh on my shoulder, it just felt good.
Pulling my fingers from her, I slowly caressed over her for a minute before running my hand back up through her short, soft hair, across her stomach and around to her waist.  I pulled her close to me, kissing her shoulder and her neck as I went.  I finally looked up into her glowing eyes.
I finally got something right, right?
Chapter end notes:
I may still be cock-blocking, but at least the clit's been set free?
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