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CBWR? Chapter 34

For clarification - Renee was not the teacher. I'm not sure what gave that impression, but something must have because a lot of people asked!

This is the one with the ending that made me laugh.

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"Marriage license?"

Chapter 34

"I don't need anything Bella," I told her. "I've got six cars, and the cheapest was seventy grand. You don't need to take care of me – I need to take care of you."

"That's not the kind of care I'm talking about," Bella said.

"You going to…shoot me?" I asked sleepily as her hand kept touching my face. Every time her fingers traced over my temple or across my brow, my eyes closed themselves.

Bella's soft laughter made me smile.

"No, I don't think so." Her fingers traced from my temple to my chin, and my head leaned into the touch, though I didn't recall telling myself to move. I remembered a question I wanted to ask her.

"How come you know how to shoot?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later," Bella whispered. "Go back to sleep, Edward."

"Hmm…" I mumbled. I felt myself ease back against the pillow. The slow, stroking touch from her hand continued, and the darkness in the room invade my eyes and mind.

We went over everything for the five hundredth time.

Aro and Laurent would go down first, then Alice and Jasper head to Italy and strike the Volturi, while Bella and I pay a visit to a certain doctor to have her scanned for her chip. Then we head to Paris, take out the last three targets – the Volturi's French branch.

Once everyone was eliminated, Emmett would take care of dividing things up here at home, Alice and Jasper would take care of Italy, and Bella and I would go into hiding.

"Why are we hiding?" Bella asked.

"Final precaution," I told her. "If we didn't account for someone, I need to make sure you are safe until things have settled down."

"What about my mom?" she asked. "What will we do with her?"

"She'll be with Emmett," I said. "Once we've taken care of France and Italy, she'll join us in hiding. I'll keep her safe, too."

"How long?"

"A couple of months," I said.

"Then what?" She looked through her lashes at me, and I could see the worry – the panic starting in them.
"Whatever you want," I said quietly. "I told you, I am going to take care of you – whatever that means. I'll get you and your mom a house, I'll buy you a fucking castle – whatever you want, you get. If you just…want to go home, I'll take you home. As long as I am sure you are safe first."

Bella nodded.

"What will you do?" she asked.

"Come back here and see how badly Emmett cheated me out of my share of the take-home," I said with a grin. Emmett punched my shoulder, which fucking hurt, but I only smirked at him.

"Have I ever cheated you?" he said with mock indignity.


"Oh…yeah, I have."

"Ready then?" Jasper asked. "We've got a couple of stops to make, but we'll be at the check point tomorrow at one-o-clock."

"I'm ready," Alice confirmed. Rose and Emmett echoed her response.

"Papers, Jazz – I need all her papers," I reminded him.

"Here ya go."

I looked through the little manila folder he gave me. Driver's license, passport, social security card – all in the name of Isabella Cullen. I tried not to let the name freak me out too much.

"Marriage license?"

"Ah…shit. " Jasper reached up and scratched the top of his head. "I forgot about it."

"Can they go without?" Alice asked.

"I got her name down as Cullen, and everything else is set to make them look married. They have to have a license to go with it."

"Can't your contact guy just…get one made up tomorrow?"

"He just left the country himself," Jasper said. "No way would we have it before Monday night."

"Fuck," I growled.

"No problem," Emmett said. "We don't hit until three-o-clock. You have plenty of time to just run down to the courthouse and get it done."

"We're not really getting married," I reminded him.

"You are now," Alice said with a laugh.

They had to be joking, right?

Chapter End Notes:


Hear that, Doofusward? Anybody else wanna hum the wedding march about now?

I still slay me.

Mr. and Mrs. Doofusward kind of has a nice ring to it!

I'm totally taking liberties with the whole marriage license thing. I don't think anyone has ever asked me for a copy of mine for anything other than when I first changed my name. What's the phrase we're looking for here? Ah yes! Artistic License! Um…Artistic Marriage License? Anyway – just cope. It works for me here.


  1. thinking she would need papers/documentation other the cullen to actually get married to. kind of convenient for e, even though he probably doesn't even realize it yet

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  5. I married at 19. Legal in here in Canada, but underage in the States where we went on our honeymoon. We had to produce the marriage license to cross the border. I still carry it in my wallet for some reason....35 years later...LOL

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