Monday, April 18, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 23

Sorry - this is super short. I might have another one yet tonight.

Yeah, that was you, Edward Cullen.

Chapter 23

When I got out of the shower – yes, after jerking off – Bella was sitting up in my bed, staring down at her hands. I felt a little weird standing there in nothing but a towel, which was especially odd because she did have my dick in her mouth just a couple of nights ago. Thinking about that now, after she had revealed what they had done to her, was about as good an erection killer as they come, though. If fact, it didn't just make me droopy, it also made me sick to my stomach.

Yeah, that was you, Edward Cullen.


Bella glanced up at me, and the back down to her hands. I mumbled some excuse before taking my jeans back into the bathroom with me to dress. When I came back out, she was in the same position, her fingers twisting around themselves like she was trying to make pretzels out of them. She shifted a little, and the sheet feel off of her leg, exposing some of her thigh and the panties she was wearing – the black ones.


She looked up at me quickly, her eyes widening.

"I need to get you more clothes, don't I?"

She just shrugged and went back to twirling her fingers.

"Maybe Alice could take you," I said, though I wondered just where in the hell Alice even shopped. Something about her just didn't ever scream mall-rat to me. "I mean, she would at least be better at it than I am, I should think."

I tried to laugh it off, but the sound was hollow. Bella didn't look up at me again, so I turned and grabbed a button up shirt from the closet and shoved my arms through the sleeves.

"Edward?" Bella said softly.

"Yeah, what is it?" I answered. She still wasn't looking at me.

"Will he know?" she asked. "I mean, won't he find out if you are going to um…what you said?"

"Is he going to find out I'm going to kill him?"


"Hopefully no more than a second or two before there's a bullet in his head." No point in subtleness now.

She nodded and bit down on her lip.

"What?" I asked, because it was clear she had something else to say.

"So, he wouldn't know about me talking to you? About my dream, I mean?"

"My place isn't bugged, if that's what worries you. I have it checked and there is monitoring equipment."

"So, if I told you something else, he wouldn't find out?"

My hands went cold. Something in her tone was just a little too foreboding, and I honestly wasn't sure if I could hear any more of what she had to say. Then I remembered just what the hell I had done, asking for a virgin with a good handle on oral, and figured whatever she had to say, I was going to listen to it. I walked over from my dresser and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"He won't find out," I told her. "I promise."

I hoped I was right.

She looked up to my eyes, and I could see them tearing up again. After last night, I wouldn't have thought she had any tears left. Can you get dehydrated from crying too much? Fuck if I knew.

"He has my mom."

Oh fuck.

This is as bad as it can get, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Aro's not a nice guy.

Edward is finally taking a little bit of responsibility.

I guess there is such a thing as a bad blow job after all.


  1. ok, was not expecting that. so it seems like there might be a rescue mission in the future

  2. i knew aro had something over her head. please don't kill him.. i have a bad feeling i am going to read all this and i am going to be really pissed off at the end...

  3. I meant to say don't kill Ed please kill aro... it didn't read like that above. it sound like i said don't kill aro... NOT please do

  4. ok, was not expecting that. so it seems like there might be a rescue mission in the future

  5. I had a bad feeling at least 1 of her parents was involved somehow. God, I hope they end Aro and soon.

  6. Oh.My.God. Her mom too? This is one huge cluskter fuck isn't it?

  7. Yeah, kind of wondered about that. 

  8. Not a nice guy?? That's got to be the understatement of the year!!! UGH

    Poor E, he's just a stupid ass and look what he's caused!


  9. Well I guess we know why Bella didn't want Aro dead.

  10. wow this is getting alot deeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. holy sheeze! he has renee?!?!?!
    oh crapola this is intense

  12. Oh, didn't see that coming.
    Hope Aro and gang get whats coming to him.
    Edward really got himself in deep with this.

  13. Oh.My.God. Her mom too? This is one huge cluskter fuck isn't it?

  14. Now we see why Bella is probably there. No Aro is a very bad guy. Devil incarnate.

  15. Yep it just got worse! :"(

  16. I do feel for this poor Edward, mainly because he realized what his actions resulted in, feels bad about it and wants to fix it. He has redeeming qualities. He shoud feel bad about being so niave about the whole thing. His responsibility has just effectively doubled now.