Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 78

Author's notes:
Just a quick one - hope to have more out tomorrow!  I barely looked over this one after finishing it, so sorry about any typos.

“So tell me my man, are you nervous in the service?”


Chapter 78:
I was pretty sure my heart was trying to leap right out of my chest, it was pounding so hard.
We were heading back to the hotel after our lovely birthday dinner date and Eiffel Tower tour – husband and wife, ex master and slave, human buyer and kidnap victim – for me to take her virginity.  If there was ever a more fucked up situation in history, I would have liked to know about it, just for the sake of comparison.
I wanted a cigarette really, really badly, but I hadn’t had one all day.
The sliding doors to the hotel lobby opened, and one of the hotel staff greeted us with a big smile and a big bonsoir.  Bella gave him a smile and a blushing hello, and then reached out for my hand and slipped her fingers into the spaces between mine.  She swung our hands together lightly as we headed for the elevator.
I tried to remember how to breathe.
I’d never held hands like this before.   Whenever I had held hands with women in the past, it was to take them and lead them somewhere – pull them along so they would go faster or just go the right way.  I’d never had my fingers interlaced with someone else’s before, and I really wasn’t sure what to make of it.  I didn’t understand why there was this tingling sensation running up my arm.  Once it got to my shoulder, it buried itself inside my gut and seemed to be trying to shove itself out of my body like something out of an alien horror flick.
I looked down to where our hands were joined, and looked and how perfectly they seemed to fit together, even though my hands were so much bigger than hers.  The tip of the diamond in her wedding ring grazed against the edge of my finger, and Bella’s fingers clenched a little, holding my hand tighter.  When our swinging hands reached the lowest point of the arc, the sleeves of my jacket – which Bella was wearing – covered most of her hand and mine.  She kept us connected that way all the way to the room.
As soon as the door closed, she tossed my jacket over the back of a chair, grabbed a hold of my tie, and pulled me close to her.  Her tongue traced over her bottom lip once as she looked at my mouth, then kissed me.  I took a step closer and ran my hands up her arms and into her hair, holding her face to me as I pressed against her mouth, my tongue meeting up with hers gently.
I had to be gentle, because my wife of two months was a virgin, and I had no idea how to fuck a virgin.
No…I’m not going to fuck her.
I’m going to make love to her.
Strangely enough, the idea didn’t seem all that odd to me.  If fact, when I opened my eyes and watched her pull her dress up and over her hips, then over her head and off, it didn’t seem odd to me at all.  Even with her standing there in nothing but a little white bra and panty set, all I could manage to think about was making sure I didn’t go too fast, and that I stopped if she changed her mind, and that I made sure she came first.
In more ways than one.
The idea of making love wasn’t alarming me at all, like I might have thought, but I was so fucking nervous, anyone watching would have thought I was the virgin.  I didn’t want to hurt her, and I wanted her to like it, and I wanted her to like me.  I was seriously afraid of fucking it all up.  The obnoxious, high-pitched voice of Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element  popped into my head.
“So tell me my man, are you nervous in the service?”
I wished I was Bruce Willis.
She would tell me if I did something wrong, wouldn’t she?
“If I…um…if I do something and you don’t like it, you’ll tell me, right?”
Bella’s hand went to the side of my face, and her eyes locked with mine.  Her lips touched mine briefly before she pulled back and smiled.
“I promise,” she said.
I nodded and let out a sigh before leaning down and kissing slowly across her left shoulder.  Bella shivered a little, and I moved over to her right shoulder.  I kept my eyes closed, because the sigh of her skin was driving me insane, even in the dim lights in the room.  My hands rested lightly on her hips.
Bella pulled the knot of my tie apart, unraveled it from my neck and dropped it on the floor next to her dress.  Her fingers made quick work of my shirt buttons, and it joined the pile on the floor as well.  Her hands reached up and tangled in my hair as she pulled me back down to kiss her again.  Tentatively, I ran one hand up her back, my fingers trailing along the edge of the back-strap of her bra.  I found the clasp, and flicked it open.  Bella let go of my head long enough to let the straps slide off of her shoulders.  I touched her hair, splaying it out over her bare shoulders, as I tried to hold in the pressure that seemed to be building inside of me.
Placing my hands on the wall behind her, I leaned in to kiss her again.
I felt Bella’s fingers open up the front of my dress slacks and push them over my hips.  I stepped out of them, kicking off my shoes in the process.  I looked at her eyes once more, then leaned in to take her mouth with mine as her hands slipped around my waist and dipped into the hem of my boxers.
It was now or never, right?
Chapter End Notes:
I've always wanted to work a Ruby Rhod quote into a fic...
The manip pic is by Lolypop82 - she made another one I'm going to have to work into this story somehow...lol!  It's gorgeous - this one may be one of my fav manips ever.

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