Monday, April 18, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 41

Author's notes:

This chapter has some very violent and disturbing content in the first 5-6 paragraphs. Feel free to skip to the end.

I felt Bella stiffen behind me, and a small high pitch noise escaped her mouth.

Chapter 41

We headed down the dark staircase, my gun held up close to my shoulder as I walked along the edge of the wall, careful to look around the corner before stepping out. The bottom of the stairs opened into a large corridor leading in two directions.

"Which way?" I turned to ask Bella. She nodded towards the left, and I followed her directions with her close at my back.

There was a large, round, steel tub on one side of the room, filled with water. At the edge of it was a man with a blond ponytail, and in his hands was a woman – naked and bent over the tub with her face held under the water by his beefy hand. He was laughing and shaking her by her hair as he sodomized her, pulling her head up only briefly so she could catch a breath before he shoved her back under.

I recognized him as the man in the grainy photographs from the surveillance cameras. It was him – James – the trainer. This was the man who gave Bella nightmares, here in the same room with me. The sudden, intense fury that rushed through my body was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I felt Bella stiffen behind me, and a small high pitch noise escaped her mouth.

I never had strong emotions – nothing that could ever be considered passionate. Not desire, not hate, and certainly not love. I never cared one way or another about things enough to feel anything so strongly that it had much of an effect on me. Even business stuff was just that – business stuff. It either worked as I wanted it to or it didn't, and it didn't impact me significantly either way. But when I saw him holding that woman – much like the one in the first of the metal cages we opened – I only saw Bella in his grasp. I had never wanted someone else's blood on my hands like I wanted his. I didn't even want to use the gun.

He hadn't stopped what he was doing. He didn't even realize we were there.

I flipped my gun in my hand, gripping the barrel end of it in my fist as I marched over to him and slammed the weapon into the side of his head. He yelled out as he fell to one side, getting wrapped up in his jeans around his ankles.

The woman he had been abusing fell off the side of the tub into a wet heap on the floor, coughing up water as she tried to crawl away from us. My focus was too much on him, though, and I ignored her as she scampered to the far side of the room.

I bent down over him, the butt of my gun smashing into his face several times before he managed to block it with his arms. He kicked out at my ineffectively, since he was still wrapped up in his clothing. I slammed the toe of my steel toed shoe into his balls, and he rolled over to his side and moaned.

I kicked his ribs, silently thrilled when I heard the sharp crack of bone splintering. I used my fist in his face, resolved to have this man's blood on my hands in actuality, not just figuratively. Finally, I hauled him to his feet and tossed him head over heels into the steel tub of water.

He came up sputtering, his eyes wide and staring straight at me.

"Who the fuck…?" he babbled as he coughed up water and blood.

"Death," I replied. I brought my gun back up, leveled with his head.

"No! Edward, STOP!" I heard Bella scream, and my eyes flashed to hers for only a moment. I could not imagine she was actually asking me not to end this fucker right here and now, and I wasn't so sure I was going to bother listening to her. My finger flinched over the trigger as I aimed the gun right at his face.

Bella yelled at me to stop again, and as she raced up to the side of the metal tub, the fire in her eyes was nothing less than glorious – like an avenging angel traveling down from the heavens to wreak havoc in the unrighteous. In her hand was a taser.

His eyes met hers, and the recognition was immediate and apparent. His mouth opened to say something, but he closed it again. His gazed swept over the weapon in her hand, and he understood. He knew exactly what she was about to do.

She flipped the switch, and as the taser hummed to life, Bella dropped it into the pool of water.

Well, this should be interesting, right?

Chapter End Notes:

I found that...satisfying.

Probably no more tonight...too many other things going on. See you again tomorrow!


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  7. Oh I bet Bella feels better now. Now to find her mom!

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