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CBWR? Chapter 81

Author’s notes
And….they have sex, and then it’s the next morning, and then the hotel blows up.  The end.
OK, not really.
Edward was here…
Chapter 81
“You…you want to do that?” Bella said quietly.
“I don’t have to,” I said quickly.  “Only if you want me to.”
“You don’t have to,” she said.  “I mean, I can’t imagine you would want to…”
“Bella, I want to,” I assured her.  “I want to go down on you, but I won’t if you don’t want it.”
Her brows tried to merge together.
“You…like that?”
“Just thinking about going down on you has me so hard I could probably drill through the wall.”
“Really?” she both looked and sounded surprised.
Bella chewed on her lip some more.  I was starting to get a little jealous, and considered forgetting the whole cunnilingus thing and just start nibbling her lips instead.
“Okay,” she finally said.
“You sure?” I asked.  She nodded, and seemed to be serious, so I kissed her belly once more before I starting trailing my lips over her smooth, pink skin.  My hands slid down her calves, grabbing her ankles and pushing them up closer to her body, which made her hips raise up a bit and put her on display for me.
So fucking beautiful.
I slid my arms under her legs, angling her up a little to give me better access.  I licked my lips once, kissed the inside of her left thigh, then moved in.
As soon as I tasted her, I knew I would never, ever be able to get enough.  I moaned against her, and I could feel the vibrations as they passed to her skin.  Bella’s hips pushed up as she gasped.
“Oh my God…”
“You like that?” I murmured against her skin, causing more vibrations.
“Ugh!  Yes!  Yes!”  Her hands reached down and gripped into my hair.
My tongue touched her, tasted her, explored her, and generally had a really fucking good time.  I could feel and hear her reactions to what I was doing without looking up to see her expression.  I did glance at her a couple of times, but her head was back against the pillow and her neck was arched, so I couldn’t see her eyes anyway.  I might have liked to see them as I did this to her, but mostly I just wanted to know that she was liking it, and she obviously was, so I kept it up – dipping my tongue inside of her and swirling it around before dragging it back up to her clit.  I circled, pushed, hummed, and even drew my name with my tongue over her clit.
Edward was here…
I knew she was close when her thighs tried to squeeze my head, and I had to grip them a little tighter to keep her open for me.  She started chanting my name, which caused me to increase my speed, trying to match the tempo she set with the slight rocking of her hips.  I gripped her backside with my hands to hold her a little closer and continued the tongue dance over her beautiful pussy.
I pushed the tip of my tongue hard against the throbbing little nub, and Bella nearly came right off the bed as she cried out, gripping my hair tightly as her hips pushed against my face.  I kept circling my tongue as best I could, feeling her moisture all around me, tasting how fucking sweet she was as she dropped back down to the mattress, moaning.
The pace of my licks slowed, and I switched from using the tip to using the top, laving over her clit, just to give it one slow, last pass before trailing down to her entrance.  I circled her there once, just making sure she was wet enough to make it easy to get inside of her, before I pulled my arms out from under her backside and pushing myself up.  I wiped the back of my hand across my lips and looked up to Bella with a smile.  Her eyes were wide, and she was still panting a little.
“So good,” I said.  I hoped she believed me, and that she didn’t think I was just saying it because she wanted to hear it.  I wasn’t just saying it.  I would do that again and again – for as long as she would let me.
Because nothing could taste sweeter, right?
Chapter end notes:
I want Edward to write that on my clit…
One O down, at least one more to go!
It’s definitely time for a pineapple and mushroom pizza.  I still feel all deprived from last week and the infiltration of Chinese carry out into my normal Friday routine. 
Talking about rickets on twitter…and pizza…and penises.  Why does it always come back to penises??

CBWR? Chapter 80

Author’s notes:
Yay!!!  Blogger back up!  Hopefully, they will test out there code changes a little more thoroughly next time.   Shall I bore you with a lot of author’s blah blah blah, or get on with the smut?  Yeah, I figured…
Seriously, though - 80???  80 Chapters?? Geez!!!
“I want it to be right.”

Chapter 80
She lay down in the middle of the heart.
All I could do was stare at her.
It wasn’t just how fucking hot she looked lying on the bed, waiting for me to climb in and take her virginity.  It wasn’t the little voice inside my man bits that wanted to become a lot better acquainted with her lady bits.  It wasn’t even the nervousness I felt from the sheer responsibility of making her come – first time or not. 
It was the waves of tension washing over my skin, through the muscles of my arms and legs, up and down my spine, and even behind my eyes.  It was the brutal need to just be in her presence, not matter what we were doing.  It was wanting nothing more than to just look at her until I dropped dead from starvation or scurvy or rickets or something.
What the hell are rickets, anyway?
Bella smiled slyly, and then raised her arms up over her head, laying them against the pillow as she stretched out her body.  The image was stunning, and I was stunned.  Soon after the shock wore off, I started to panic.
Even though I had done this before – even though I had seen her before – I had known I wasn’t going to be taking it any farther then.  Knowing apparently made all the difference, because I was now just about as freaked out as I could be.
“Edward.”  Bella’s soft voice broke through my thoughts, and I met her gaze.  “Come here.”
She used her finger to beckon me, and I tried to keep my eyes focused on hers as I climbed into the bed and lay my head on the pillow next to hers.  She reached over with her hand to touch the side of my face, and I felt myself relax a little into her touch.  Not a lot, but at least enough to pull my thoughts back together.
“Why are you worried?” Bella asked.
“I want it to be right.”
Her fingers grazed my jaw.
“It will be.”
When I met her eyes again, I could just tell she meant it.  She had complete faith in me, though I was pretty sure that was as misguided as it could possibly be. 
She leaned closer and took my mouth with hers, licking across my lip before sucking it into her mouth.  We kissed slowly but deeply until Bella finally broke for air.  I didn’t think I needed any – I was quite sure I could just live off of Bella – oxygen could become secondary.  Her fingers scraped my jaw again as she smiled at me.  I took a deep breath, deciding that if she could have that kind of confidence in me, I’d better be prepared to prove her right.
“I’ll go slow,” I told her.
Bella only nodded in response.
I propped myself up on one elbow so I could use my other hand to just touch her.  My fingers slid down over her shoulder, across each of her collarbones and over her breasts.  I only touched her lightly – and I felt her shiver under my fingertips.
“Are you cold?” I asked, glancing over at the slightly opened window, which was letting in cool fall breezes.
“No,” she said quietly.  “I’m fine.”
Nodding, I cupped one of her breasts in my hand, lifting it up a little and marveling at how well it fit in my hand.  I drew circles around her nipples, watching them pucker and harden under the sensation.  Just seeing them do that was making me harder by the second, but I tried to forget about that and concentrate on her.
I wanted it to be good for her.
With one finger, I made a trail from the spot right between her breasts down to her navel, circled it, and then ran the backs of my fingers from one hip to the other.  My fingers grazed over the top of where her pubic hair used to be.  Bella’s legs shifted a little, and she pushed her thighs together.  I smiled, realizing exactly what she was doing.
“Do you want me to touch you again?” I asked.
“Yes.”  Her breathy whisper was all the encouragement I needed.
Her skin was so soft and smooth without any hair down there anymore, and for a minute I just palmed her right above her clit, feeling her smooth skin against mine.  When her hips lifted up, I let my fingers drift lower and between her legs, which she moved apart a little.  There was already a little moisture when I felt down between her pussy lips, spreading her open with two of my fingers while the third ran up and down her slit.
“Oh God, Edward…that feels so good.”
I put the tip of my finger inside of her a bit, pushing it in and out slowly until more went in easily.  Once all of it was in, I pulled it out and ran the wetness over her clit, causing her to gasp.  I moved down lower – wanting to get better access – and ran both of my hands up her thighs and over her hips before my hand went back between her legs, slowing pushing into her, coming back to rub her clit, and then delving inside again.
With my finger still inside her, and my thumb pressing lightly down on her clit, my mouth went searching for the skin on her side.  I pulled my finger out, and then slowly pushed two back inside of her again.  I kissed her hipbone, then over to her navel, where I tongued her, eliciting a giggle.  Her hand went to my head, and her fingers latched onto my hair.  I looked up at her and found her staring back at me with her lip stuck between her teeth.  My fingers were so wet with her juices, and I wanted to pull them out and suck on them.  I wanted to replace my fingers with my tongue and feel her come all over my face.
“I want to taste you,” I told her, and her eyes went wide.
She said she never wanted to do oral again…did she mean this, too?  She looked upset, worried, maybe even panicked, and I thought she was going to end up actually puncturing her lower lip with her teeth.  Shit, shit, shit.
I must have fucked this up already, right?
Chapter end notes:
So…is she going to let him go down on her?  Shall we hold a poll?  Shall she hold his pole?  Shall she sell sea shells by the sea shore?
Shall I shut up?
Next chapter…um…soon!