Monday, April 18, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 46

Chapter 46

I walked up to the end of the room and looked through the glass doors. Doctor Cope was staring at a bunch of monitors in a partitioned section of the room. I could see the huge-ass scanner machine, and Bella’s legs sticking out of it, as it tried to figure out just what was inside her.

I was having a little difficulty with what was inside of me as well. On the one hand, I couldn’t wait to tell Bella he mother was fine and at home. Well, maybe not fine in the strictest sense, but would recover from her injuries. On the other hand, I now knew her father was a cop, and this complicated things far more than was really comfortable for me. As if this whole fucked up situation needed some additional complexities. Kind of the same way Rubik’s Cube wasn’t hard enough by itself, they had to make all those other puzzles as well, just to make sure you felt like even more of an idiot.

When I was sixteen and I started making the first real money I had ever had in my life, I bought every fucking one of those puzzle games. I couldn’t do any of them, but I figured out pretty quickly how easy it was to pop the things apart and put them all back together again in the right order. Maybe I didn’t do things the traditional way, but I still got them done. Eventually not being able to do them the right way pissed me off, and I chucked them out the window of my car.

I bought a bunch of other shit, too – stuff I had never had before. I put stand up video games and a pool table in the townhouse I bought, as well as a huge water bed. I always thought those were so cool. The novelty wore off pretty quick, though, and I switched to one of those squishy adjustable mattresses instead.

I bought a boat, too, even though I didn’t know how to drive one. Wrecked it into a dock and just ditched it there. I pretty much bought everything I saw that held any interest for me at all – including every set of Star Wars Legos to be found in the tri-state area. My living room became the Death Star trench run over that weekend. Once it was all built I was tired with it, and threw it all out.

It was quite a difference for a kid who had acquired most of his toys as cast-off trash before.

Going from having nothing to having whatever you wanted pretty much over night definitely had its impact. I hadn’t really thought about stuff and things when I was younger – and then all of the sudden I could have everything, and I kind of felt I was entitled to it. After all, I had grown up without anything, so I definitely had it coming to me now that I could afford it.

As I watched Doctor Cope help Bella out of the scanning machine, I realized I had done the same with her. I didn’t have what I wanted, so I bought what I thought I wanted instead. But what I originally thought I wanted…well, I didn’t. Not anymore. Maybe I never did.

As I looked at Bella, though – I knew I still wanted her.

Fucking sue me.

Doctor Cope gestured for me to enter, so I went through he sliding doors and sat down in the chair next to Bella as the doctor went over her findings.

“Isabella’s in good health, and doesn’t seem to have any permanent injuries,” Doctor Cope said.

“Bella,” I corrected her. Bella glanced over to me as the doctor apologized and started going through a million freaking vitals and such, until I told her to shut up and give me what I actually wanted. Doctor Cope looked up to me and batted her eyelashes a bit, then laid straight into the pertinent information.

“Edward – are you still a ‘bad news first’ kind of guy?”

“Don’t fuck around,” I growled. “Just spit the shit out.”

“I found the chip, but I can’t remove it.”

Well, I guess that was pretty straight forward, right?

Chapter End Notes:

You didn't really think it would be that easy, did ya?


  1. Eep! So glad you so quickly posted the story. I missed it. It's kind of like a drug. :)

  2. So...where is the chip? Was it embedded in an organ or something? Is that why the dr cant remove it? Hmmmm...


  3. No hell couldn't possibly be that easy. WTH did FFn do, just delete this story???? Geesh!


  4. where the hell did they chip her?

  5. So where they put in her spine or head hmmm curious

  6. where the hell did they chip her?

  7. this is sum SAW kinda shit rite thurrrrrr.............mayb its in her spine or cranial columns!!!!!!!!!!! GIV IT 2 'EM STR8 doc!!!!!!!!!!!

    We wanna hear dis BULL................

  8. Easy? Nope. Its wove around her spine or something like that huh?

  9. Oh no! Why in the world can't she take it out? Grrr... 

  10. I didn't but damn! I still hoped! 

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  12. I like the rubric cube analogy, fit perfectly.

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  14. Of course they wouldn't put it soemwhere easy to remove, since a slave might be willing to dig it out of themselves.