Saturday, May 21, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 100

Author’s notes:
The end is nigh!  And I don’t mean the rapture!  
FYI – this still counts as a 100 chapter story.  There won’t be a chapter 101 – there will just be an epilogue called “Epilogue”, not chapter 101.  Ha!
As if I was going to argue.
Chapter 100:
“It’s not much,” Bella said softly as her eyes dropped down to the floor.
I reached over and took his chin with my fingers, tilting her eyes to mine and placing a soft kiss on her lips.  How could I explain to her how much this place meant to me?  My words were – as usual - inadequate.
“It’s home,” I eventually whispered to her.
She broke into a smile, and a tear started to escape from the corner of her eye…again.  I swear she had been crying for two days straight, ever since I walked out of prison.  At least for the most part they had been happy tears.  I crouched down a little and grabbed her up into my arms so I could carry her over the threshold.
The apartment Bella had been living in since she graduated probably would have been considered small by most people, but when you spend over seven years in a ten foot by ten foot cell, a modest studio apartment seems pretty damn spacious.  It had a dividing wall that separated out a bedroom area from the living area, a small kitchen and a bathroom.
Just the idea of peeing in private was pretty damn fantastic if you asked me.
I decided taking a really good look around the place was going to have to wait, because my new wife was probably going to do something to me that would cause her incarceration if I didn’t make love to her immediately.  I carried her straight over to the bed, dropped her into the center of it, and then crawled on top of her.
Bella giggled as my fingers stroked over her sides and down to her legs.  I reached for the bottom of her simple white dress and pulled it up, smiling broadly as I found the garter wrapped around her thigh.  I kneeled beside her and pulled it off with my teeth.  I was pretty sure that was what the groom was supposed to do at a reception, and I was trying my best to make the most of our simple wedding.  We had it in small chapel, with Pastor Lee refusing to let me pay him anything for his services or the chapel rental.  Seth stood beside me and when it was time, he handed me the gold ring with the little row of three small diamonds on top of it.  Bella’s mother, Renee stood beside her, though she refused to even look at me.  I didn’t care – she was there for Bella, which was all that mattered.
I did hold my breath when Pastor Lee asked if there was any reason we shouldn’t get married.
Renee didn’t say anything.
I flicked the garter up towards the headboard with my finger, and then grabbed Bella’s ankle so I could start kissing her from bottom to top.  Well…I actually only got about half way before I was distracted, and hung out there for a while as Bella screamed and moaned about how fantastic my tongue was.  Her hips bucked against my face and I tasted her sweet, sweet nectar.  I’d have to taste the rest of her body later, because I needed to join with her as soon as fucking possible.
Bella reached down to the edge of her dress, which was nearly up to her breasts, and pulled it up and over her head.  I reached behind her back to help her with the clasp on her bra, freeing her beautiful breasts for my hands to rediscover.
Bella went to work on my shirt buttons, getting through them pretty quick so she could push the shirt off my shoulders.
“Holy shit, Edward!” Bella murmured as her hands traveled from my shoulders down my arms.  “You weren’t this…um…buff before!”
I laughed.
“Well, I had a lot of extra time in the gym these past few years,” I reminded her.
 She blushed, and started apologizing.
“No,” I whispered to her.  “Don’t be sorry.  I can only hope I changed more on the inside than I did on the outside.”
“You have,” she said quietly back to me.  Her eyes glistened – first with tears, and then with humor – as she ran her fingertips over my chest.  “And I like both sets of changes.”
“Well, my insides and outsides completely belong to you now, Mrs. Swan,” I told her.  “So do with them what you will.”
Yeah, Mrs. Swan.  In prison it cost me fifteen dollars to change my last name from Cullen to Swan.  It would have cost Bella over two hundred if she was to change her name to Cullen on the outside.  Besides, I needed the fresh start, and a new name made sense.  Taking Bella’s name made even more sense to me, because she was the one that changed me.
She smirked and reached down to the button of my Dockers.  She popped it open and slid the zipper down before she pushed them off my hips, taking the boxes with them.  After I kicked them off my feet, ridding myself of shoes and socks as well, Bella’s hand ran up my thigh until she wrapped her fingers around me.
“Holy shit…Bella…that feels so fucking good.”
Her fingers moved lightly from the tip of my cock down to the base, then over my balls.  It felt way too good, and I couldn’t breathe right.  I started moaning.
“You gotta stop, baby,” I told her.  “I don’t want to come on your hand…not this time.”
She smiled and bit down on her lip, but released my cock so I could take an actual breath again.  She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed, holding me tight as I started nuzzling at her breasts.
The feeling of Bella’s fingers against the skin of my back was incredible.  It was almost as good as having them on my dick.  She ran them up to my shoulders, then all the way down to my hips, and back again.  I focused on her nipples, playing with one of them between my thumb and forefinger while sucking and licking the other.  I switched, and Bella’s hands suddenly dropped father down, grabbing my ass and squeezing it.
“I want you,” she said urgently.  Her fingers dug in, and she seemed to be trying to pull my backside up so I could get lined up for a little something more.  Her hips lifted off the bed and pushed against mine, grinding herself against my cock.  “Now!”
As if I was going to argue.
I lifted myself up a little and moved forward, positioning my knees between her legs and lining my cock up with her entrance.  I placed my lips against hers, my tongue tracing over her mouth as I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her.  I paused, breathed deep, and slid the rest of the way home.
The feeling of being inside of her again was absolutely indescribable.  To be buried once again in her warm, wet, silky flesh was like I imagined walking through the gates of Heaven must feel like.  Her body gripped me, holding me inside as I shifted my hips back and forth against her.  It had been so, so long…and even though I had been here before, it was different.   Knowing she was here as my wife – for real this time – because she truly wished to be, made the sensations so much sweeter.  I felt the tension building inside of me all too soon, and I slowed my pace to make it last.  Bella’s hands found my hair, and she pulled my lips to hers.
“Don’t hold back,” she mumbled against my mouth.  “Please…don’t stop.  We have a lifetime for this.”
“Oh, God…Bella,” I whispered as I moved my mouth over the edge of her jaw.  “I love you so much…so much…”
“I love you, Edward,” she moaned back to me.
My pace increased again, and as I rocked back and forth inside of her I let the pressure over take me, and spilled inside of her as I cried out her name over and over again.  My arms wrapped around her shoulders and I held her to me, kissing her tear-covered cheeks, her eyes, and her nose.
Eventually I rolled to my side, taking her with me and wrapping my arms around her to hold her close.  I didn’t ever want to let her go.  Bella snuggled into my chest and her hand reached up to my face as she ran her fingers over me, lulling me into the most restful sleep I had experienced in – quite literally – years.  If I could just keep her close to me for the rest of forever, that would definitely be a mighty fine thing.
I wasn’t stupid…well… I wasn’t stupid anymore.  I knew the times ahead of us were going to be tough.  Hopefully they would be made easier because we would have each other in a much more real sense now.  I loved her, and by some miracle, she loved me, too.
Could be worse, right?
The End
Chapter end notes:
There ya go.  Who would have thought so long ago that this Reformed Doofusward could have pulled it off?  Scooby snacks for everyone!
Name change – I originally thought he’d change his name after his parole was up, but when I started looking up ex-cons changing their names, I found this article about inmates changing their name on the tax payers dollar.  Thought it was kind of interesting, so I added it in that way.  Fucking sue me.  LOL
I would say there will be a short epi, but I think it’s going to be pretty long.  Should be out tomorrow or the next day.