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CBWR? Chapter 10

No time for idle chit chat! (That, and I don't want the AN to look longer than the chapter.) See ya at the bottom!

Genius doesn't even begin to describe me.

Chapter 10

"Come with me," I said – finally managing to get some actually words out of my mouth. Bella stood and followed me out of her room and into the great room, where I finished my drink and took a couple hundred more deep, cleansing breaths. Where was my yoga instructor when I needed her? I picked up another glass and held it up. "Want a drink?"

About four seconds after the words were out of my mouth, I realized she wasn't actually old enough to drink, legally. I wondered if I could get in trouble for that, and nearly spit out my own drink when I realized how ludicrous a thought that was. I bought a slave, and I was concerned about getting into trouble for giving her a drink.

Genius doesn't even begin to describe me.

"Only if you wish, Master," Bella said softly. I looked to her and smiled, glad she not only remembered, but used it as well. I placed the glass back on the counter and moved to stand in front of her. The little blue panties were definitely going to be the death of me. I wanted to kiss her along the hem of them, and then maybe slide them down her legs and see how pretty the panties were lying on the floor. Bet the bra would look nice lying next to them.

Unlike Bella's panties, I was feeling a little ambivalent about the lounge pants I was wearing. While they were nice and roomy – easily accommodating my rock hard cock, they also made it pretty darn obvious I was sporting the king of boners. Bella had gone all still again, and considering her downcast eyes, I had the feeling she hadn't missed it. I reached out and cupped her face, angling her head to look up at me. When her eyes met mine, I couldn't decide what exactly I saw there. Nervousness? Apprehension? Resignation?


I leaned in and kissed her again lightly, like I had before her shower, but I left my mouth just barely touching hers as I reached out with my tongue and tasted her lips. They were warm and tasted minty as she opened her mouth for me. I touched her tongue with mine, opening my mouth more and curling my hand around the back of her head. As I pulled her closer, I felt her hands against my chest before they moved upwards to my shoulders and around my neck.

My free hand rested on her hip, and I resisted the urge to grip her harder and pull her against me. Instead, my fingers played with the edge of those little blue panties, literally twitching to get inside. Retreating from her mouth, I kissed her lips once more before pulling away.

My eyes drifted downward to the tops of her breasts as my hand moved up from her hip, over her side, and slowly cupped her. I felt her shiver, but I couldn't take my eyes away from where my hand was. I ran my thumb over the top edge of her bra, then a little lower, circling her nipple and feeling it pebble under my touch as Bella took in a sharp breath.

I looked back to her eyes then, and they were so wide and beautiful, I could hardly stand to look at them. The strangest thing was she looked more surprised than apprehensive now.

"What's wrong?" I asked, and for a moment I think I forgot how she arrived at my apartment and under what circumstances.

"N-nothing, Master," she said in her quietest voice.

I tilted her head back a little so she was looking up at me.

"I won't hurt you," I told her again. She nodded and took a breath, causing her breast to push further into my palm. I leaned over and kissed her again while my hands moved back to her waist and then around her back, holding her body close to mine and pressing my desire for her against her stomach. I moaned into her mouth as my cock finally made contact with her, even if was through the cloth of my lounge pants.

I pulled back from her mouth and tried to catch my breath. She was so, so beautiful, and I really, really wanted to go slowly with her. My there also a big part of me – well, a part that was getting bigger by the moment, anyway – that couldn't wait to be pounding into her as often as possible. She was exactly what Aro had promised me – from her looks to her demeanor – and I couldn't have been more eager to have her naked and underneath me. I may not have been prepared to take her shopping or work out some ground rules, but I knew exactly what I wanted from her now.

This was why she was here. This was exactly what I wanted.

I took her face in my hand again.

"Come to bed now."

"Yes, Master."

I would go slow, and everything would be fine, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Oh sure genius...everything has gone swimmingly so far. What could possibly go wrong?


There ya go - the first ten chapters! I know - I have left you at a horrible, horrible spot, but I really have to go to bed now! I have to leave for the airport in about 6 hours...

WOW people! What a ride this has been so far, huh? I tell ya, it makes me feel nearly frantic trying to write this fast. It has been cathartic, though. Glad I'm doing it.

Now both you and I shall have to take a break. Next post will be sometime Monday evening, assuming I don't totally crash and burn after work.


  1. believe e wants someone who wants to have sex with him as well. wonder how he will react to someone who only does so because she has to - not for enjoyment. it's obvious he hasn't thought things through


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  4. I don't think sex is very good if both parties aren't enjoying it. I'm thinking that during Bella 'training' they never gave her any pleasure so now that its happening, its a shock to her.

  5. I don't think sex is very good if both parties aren't enjoying it. I'm thinking that during Bella 'training' they never gave her any pleasure so now that its happening, its a shock to her.

  6. I wonder if you will let us see her thoughts in this storyline. I laughed where you said he almost forgot how she got to his place.

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