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CBWR? Chapter 6

Longest chapter yet! :) It's a good thing (but don't get used to it). I think some of the reviews have been longer than the chapters themselves.

Like I said – fucking sue me.

Chapter 6:

I was never, ever going back to a mall again. I was going to come up with some woman I could trust to take Bella shopping. I had no idea who it was going to be, but I was going to come up with someone. Bella had managed to select a couple of bra and panty sets, and had then brought them to me for my approval. One set was black, the other blue. I just nodded and told her they were fine, bought them, and got the fuck out of there. With the bags loaded into the backseat, I drove Bella back to my apartment while trying to get my jumbled thoughts to form some kind of order in my head.

Obviously, I hadn’t thought all this through. That was a given. Now that I had my head back on straight – at least, comparatively – where did I need to go from here? I bought her for a reason, and that reason was still completely clear in my mind. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted her lips wrapped around my dick and I wanted her naked in my apartment so she was readily available for me any time I wanted to get off. I never wanted to use my hand in the shower by myself again. If I was going to jack off in the shower, I wanted her hand on my cock, not mine.

I wanted her to do what I told her to do, when I told her to do it. I wanted her to have dinner on the table when I walked in the door, and I wanted her to smile when she head to reheat it because I decided to fuck her beforehand. That was why I wanted a sex slave in the first place. I still wanted all of that, and now I had her here to fulfill my every wish, my every fantasy. What I didn’t know, was all the other stuff that went with owning a slave. What would she do while I was at work? Aro was pretty confident that she wouldn’t try to leave, but was she just going to sit around and wait for me, thinking up new ways to please me? Is that what I wanted?

Yeah…kind of.

Like I said – fucking sue me.

There wasn’t much of anything I wanted to do more than take her into my great room and have her kneeling between my legs, sucking my cock. But I also realized I was going to have to talk to her first. I needed to work out some ground rules, or I was going to keep floundering. I needed her to know I wasn’t going to hurt her. Yeah, she was still mine, and she wasn’t going anywhere, but I wasn’t going to beat her or anything like that. I didn’t want her to think I would.

I pulled the Audi into its parking space in the underground garage, nodded to Mike, the doorman, and hauled both Bella and the packages up to my penthouse.

My apartment wasn’t incredibly ostentatious. It was big – way too big for one person, but not ridiculous. It was way below my means, really, but I had to keep up appearances. If I lived as high as I could, it would be pretty obvious that my legitimate company and its hi-tech gadgetry weren’t doing nearly as well as I seemed to be doing personally.

Bella continued to keep her eyes to the floor as I brought her inside and deposited all the bags on the couch in the great room. I was still a little apprehensive since the mall trip fiasco, and I plopped myself down in my favorite, overstuffed chair and let my head drop back against the cushion. I felt Bella’s presence near my leg more so than actually hearing her move.

I looked down to find her kneeling next to the chair on some side of my legs. Her hands were back on her knees, and her eyes were cast down – just as she had been in the limo. Her hair was falling over the sides of her face, and I had to reach out and touch it – just long enough to tuck it behind her ear. It was so soft, if felt like strands of silk through my fingers. I leaned forward a bit and stroked her hair from the top of her head to half way down her back, where it ended.

Still, she remained perfectly motionless.

I sat up a little more, so I could reach her better. I stroked down her hair again, but didn’t stop when I got to the end. I let my hand go a little farther, until I reached her waist and the hem of her shirt. I slipped two of my fingers inside, just to feel the softness of her skin on her back, and then sat back in the chair again.

“We should probably talk a bit, huh?” I said, as much to myself as to her.

“If you wish, Master.” Her voice was so soft, she was hard to hear.

“You know why I bought you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I bought you for a very specific reason,” I told her frankly. No point in beating around the bush, as they say. “I want someone to be ready for me anytime I feel like it. This is about the sex for me, and having you do what I want you to do. But I’m not a sadist, and I don’t want to beat you up, okay?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you believe me, or are you just saying that?”

She hesitated for the first time, unsure of what to say. I reached out and placed my fingers around her chin, turning her head towards me so she was looking straight at me.

“I expect you to tell me the truth, Bella.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you believe me?”

“I…I want to, Master,” she said quietly.

“So you don’t get off on pain?” The bluntness of my question must have surprised her a bit, because she paused with her mouth open slightly before answering me.

“No, Master,” she finally admitted, and then quickly amended. “But I am here for you, and whatever you want. If you wish to…to do such things, I will do as you ask. I promise, I will be good, Master.”

“I told you, I’m not a sadist.”

“Yes…I’m sorry, Master.”

“You don’t have to say ‘master’ at the end of every phrase. Only when you need to address me specifically.”

She hesitated again, and I could see the confusion in her eyes now.

“What should I say?”

“Just talk to me, Bella. Tell me something about you. How long have you been a slave?”

Her eyes went wide with fear again, and she shook her head slightly.

“I’m sorry, Master, but I am not to speak of such things. If you need to punish me, I will accept whatever-”

“Enough,” I cut her off and released her chin. I leaned back in my chair and tugged at my hair. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do now. I just wanted someone to fuck. I wasn’t expecting all these other issues to come up as well. I didn’t have time for this shit. I just wanted to get laid. Constantly. On demand. Now.


“I have no idea what I’m doing,” I grumbled and rubbed my fingers into the corners of my eyes. “I should just call Aro and have him take you back. This was a mistake.”

I felt her hands grip my thighs as she raised herself up on her knees in front of me. Her eyes met mine, and the sheer terror I saw there was far beyond any of the subtle looks she had given me before.

“Please, Master – please!” she begged. “Please don’t send me back! I swear I’ll be however you want me to be, just please, please keep me!”

Holy shit.

“You can take me right now,” she said, and a moment later she had pulled her shirt up and over her head before placing her hands back on my legs. “Let me suck your cock, please. I’ll show you how good I can be. I promise, I swear-”

“Whoa! Bella! Relax!” I sat up straighter in my chair, and reached out to grip her by the shoulders and trying not to let the sight of her beautiful, nearly bare torso get the better of me. The urge to sit back and let her do exactly what she was suggesting as a very, very strong one.

Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip, and her eyes continued to plead with me. I had no idea what Aro or his associates might have done to her. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know, I only knew that the idea that he might have hurt her – hurt my slave – fucking pissed me off. She was obviously frightened out of her mind at the very mention of being sent back to him.

Fuck that.

She was mine. My slave. My Bella. She didn’t want to go back, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to send her back for some other asshole to get a taste of her. No fucking way.

I wasn’t a monster, right?

Chapter End Notes:

WTF is he going to do now? The water's a LOT deeper over here than he thought, huh?

OK - no more updates today! You are all officially spoiled! :) However, you are feeding my ego with all these reviews, so I will try to keep it up.

Expect one or two updates tomorrow (UC will update tomorrow, too!), but then I am out of town Fri-Sun, so you'll have to cope. I will have lots on airport/plane time for writing though, so I'll start up the insanity again on Monday.


  1. don't think he realizes that she might have been beaten/tortured for him specifically. don't even think he has thought of the possibility that she was forced to learn how to give blow jobs. wonder if that will ever come up and how he will react.

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  5. Always a bumbling fool huh, Edward. At least he's smart to talk to her, calm her down a bit, get her to relax and maybe warm up to him.

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