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CBWR? Chapter 2

Okay, the initial response to this was absolutely overwhelming, so I have to keep going. Because my sick little brain never seems to stop, I already have a good idea as to where this story is going, at least on a basic level (kept me up last night). I thought the idea behind daily posts was awesome when The Plan came out, so I hope to do the same. I won't swear I will be able to post every single day, but we'll see where all this insanity takes us, shall we?

Given that, combined with the incredible response this has received already, there is no way I'll be able to keep up with reviews. I shall apologize in advance, but there just isn't any way if I'm going to have time to keep posting chapters as well.

This is totally unbetaed. I don't condone non-betaed stories any more than I condone non-consensual sex slaves. Don't try this at home! Any of it! Do expect a few typos (BSDM *cough!*). I'll try to fix them as they are pointed out to me.

"I've got several that will meet your requirements," Aro said, his voice low.

"Good to see you again, Edward."

Chapter 2

“Good to see you again, Edward.”

I shook Aro’s cold, pale hand and sat back down with my back to the door. Aro scooted one of the other chairs to sit next to me instead of across. The coffee shop he had chosen for us to meet was nearly empty this time of day, and there wasn’t anyone near us to hear the conversation. He leaned close to me anyway.

“Thought about exactly what you want?”

“Not exactly,” I admitted. “My old jeans shrunk up on me, and I need a new pair. There are a lot of options out there – button fly, stone washed, boot cut – I figured you could tell me what’s in style.”

Aro laughed heartily at my metaphor and tucked his long, black hair behind his ears. A server came over and brought us both some coffee. Aro eyed her appreciatively as she walked back to the counter.

“There is a large variety to choose from,” he said with a nod. He took a portfolio from his briefcase along with a shiny silver pen. “We can start with the basics, if you like. Hair color?”

“No blondes or redheads,” I said vehemently.

“Brunettes, then? Or black?” Aro chuckled and I shrugged. “No worries.”

I was limiting myself a bit, but I didn’t care. I’d dated exactly one blonde and one redhead, and I was pretty much scarred for life. I focused back on Aro’s questions.

“Body type?”

“Slim, but with curves, you know? Athletic build?”

“Gotcha. Eyes?”

“No preference, I guess.”


Again, I shrugged.

“As long as she speaks English,” I said. “I don’t really want to have to teach her the language before I…well, before she does what I say.”

“Right, no worries.” Aro’s head bounced around like he was listening to music inside his brain. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the Duran Duran variety muzak being piped through the coffee shop speakers. “Demeanor?”

“Well…obedient. Isn’t that what everyone wants?”

“No,” Aro said as he raised his eyebrows at me. “Not at all.”

I determined I really didn’t want any further information on that particular topic. We went back and forth for a few minutes on my preferences – everything from straight teeth to real tits. Aro took a lot of notes and said “no worries” about twenty more times. I tried not to think too much about how he was able to accommodate so many different tastes. I started wondering about the actual selection process – would I get to try her out? How many other guys would have already tried her out and not wanted her, for whatever reason?

“Question,” I said.

“What is it?”

“Well, how do I know that she’ll be…well…clean? “ I held up my hands defensively. “Not that I believe you wouldn’t have her tested or whatever, but if they’re with a lot of people before me…well, you understand why I could be concerned.”

“No worries,” Aro said as he marked up another little note onto his form. “Want a virgin?”

“Shit, seriously? You can do that?”

“Of course.” He nodded and kept writing. I fiddled with the little napkin under my untouched coffee. “That is what you want, correct?”

“Yeah,” I said quietly. Damn.

“It will cost you more, but I don’t think that’s really an issue, is it?”

“Not really.”

“Good.” Aro sat back and looked up and down at the notes he had taken while we talked. He leaned back, scratched something off the sheet, and then wrote a minute longer. I was starting to fidget, and it was hard to stop once my leg started bouncing up and down. “She’ll come already on the birth control shot, but you’ll have to keep it maintained if you don’t want to breed any new little slaves.”

“Okay.” I cringed.

“Hymen intact?”

“Fuck!” Maybe I wasn’t ready to do something like this. Just the questions were kind of freaking me out a little. I mean, I hadn’t thought about any of this. How does a virgin end up as a sex slave? Did that even make sense? Wasn’t it kind of an oxymoron or something? Did I want to know?

No, I didn’t.

“Let me ask a different question,” Aro said. “It may help you answer the last one. How old do you want her to be? It’s hard to come up with a girl like that without going pretty young.”

“Eighteen,” I responded. I swallowed hard, and my chest felt tight. I grabbed a pack of cigarettes out of my jacket pocket and glared up at the no smoking sign. “Do you think we could take this outside for a sec?”

“You go ahead, and I’ll get the paperwork finished up. We’re almost done here anyway.”

I pushed open the door to the patio area and lit up as I leaned against the brick wall. What the fuck was I doing? The implication of Aro’s questions was…well…horrific. I took a deep drag off the smoke and ran my free hand through my hair. I wanted this, I knew I did – I just didn’t want to have to think about it as well. I just wanted a nice, docile, beautiful chick who would drop to her knees at a word and beg for my cock on a regular basis. Someone who wouldn’t just fucking walk out on me when I asked for one, simple, sexual favor. Someone who would always be there for me, whenever I wanted her. Someone who wouldn’t leave me. Ever.

I took a final drag and tossed the butt into the ashtray by the door. I was going to do this, damnit. I deserved a little something, didn’t I? For all the shit cards life has dealt me thus far? Fuck yes, I did. I walked back in and sat myself down.

“So, eighteen?” Aro looked up at me, and I nodded.

“At least.”

“No problem, but most girls don’t have a hymen at that age.”

“That’s…um…fine,” I stammered.

He started writing again.

“Need another coffee?” The server came back to the table and looked through her lashes at me.

“No thanks,” Aro answered for us both. “We’re just about done here.”

“Let me know if I can get you anything else.” She walked off, leaving the check behind.

“One more question,” Aro said, “and then we’ll be done here.”


“I’ve got several that will meet your requirements,” Aro said, his voice low. His nonchalance was kind of disturbing. “Some of them cry a lot, and some of them don’t. They’ll all still fit your other requirements. Fuck them whenever you want, make them do all kinds of shit – they won’t complain. It’s just that some of them will cry the whole time, and some won’t. You like it when they cry?”

“Fuck…” the word escaped without my permission. My chest tightened up again, and suddenly one cigarette wasn’t enough. I pushed all the thoughts out of my head again. “Uh…no, I don’t want one that cries.”

“Give me about a month,” Aro said as he stood, effectively ending our discussion as he took his notes and walked out of the coffee shop.

I spent the next twenty six days jacking off, refusing a handful of dates, because I didn’t want to have to end any kind of relationship when the time came. Aro finally called one morning while I was at my office.

“There’s a little restaurant on the corner of Walnut and Tenth Street,” he said when I answered. “Meet me at one-o-clock for lunch.”

He hung up, and I took a long, deep breath before grabbing my jacket off the back of the chair and heading out the door.

This was good news, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Oh, Edward…what have you gotten yourself into? Aro's questions are more than a little scary, aren't they? Again, if this story isn't for you, I won't be offended if you bail.

I posted an FAQ on the blog based on a lot of similar questions in reviews. Please take a look at it. I'll eventually create a page for CBWR? On the blog and move them all there and add to it, as needed. There's just no way to respond to them all. If someone wants to start a thread on this, let me know where it is and I'll try to answer questions there as well.

Next chapter – tomorrow. Or later tonight. Depends on if Sir Edward has decided to behave himself or not.


  1. think e should be pretty scared by those questions. when he is taking an order like a menu, e has to realize someone is going to be picked especially for him - either kidnapped or in a bad situation that brings them to this point. guess if you want to close your eyes and ignore, it can last a little while


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  5. Already read this last night on phone. o.0 Aro's questions are scary, I don't blame Edward for stumbling on his answers, yikes.

  6. think e should be pretty scared by those questions. when he is taking an order like a menu, e has to realize someone is going to be picked especially for him - either kidnapped or in a bad situation that brings them to this point. guess if you want to close your eyes and ignore, it can last a little while


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