Sunday, April 17, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 9

One more chapter to go for tonight, assuming I can get myself packed and ready for travel and not pass out from writer's exhaustion!

I hated jacking off.

Chapter 9

That was when the very first brilliant thought appeared in my head since I had decided to buy a slave in the first place.

Because this wasn't going to be easy, was it? Whatever may have happened to her before she got here – either by choice or not – she was only going to do what she thought I wanted her to do. I had to give her a way of expressing herself so that I knew what she was thinking.

"How about we try something?" I suggested.

Her eyes found mine again, and her head nodded slightly.

"If I ask you a question, and you don't know what I want from you, you can answer me in two ways." Her eyes narrowed in confusion. "If it is something you want to do, you say 'if you wish, Master.' If it is something you do not want to do, you say 'only if you wish, Master.' That way, it's my choice as to what you do, but I'll still know your preference. Make sense?"

Bella's mouth parted slightly, and she let a breath of air escape her lips and she shoulders dropped. The immediate relaxation in her face and shoulders was so evident; it made me realize just how nervous she had been before.

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl," I said and smiled. The corners of her mouth turned up just slightly at my words.

"So, do you want to have some time to yourself – take a shower, whatever you want?"

"If you wish, Master." This time her smile was much more evident.

I smiled again, and reached up to touch her face and slowly stroke her cheek with my thumb. Her eyes dropped to the ground again, but I could have sworn she leaned into my hand the very tiniest amount. It was subtle, but still noticeable to my sensitive hands. Completely unable to help myself, I bent over and gently touched my lips to hers.

"I'll come for you in an hour."

Five minutes later, I was I the shower, taking care of myself – again.

I hated jacking off.

It was just so mechanical and always gave me a nearly sterile feeling, like brushing my teeth or trimming my fingernails or just eating incredibly bland food. It gave me the release I needed, but the feeling I was left with was hollow and empty.

It just made me feel alone.

I washed up, toweled off and shaved just to give me something to do for a few minutes while I tried to clear my head and forget that there was a beautiful woman – probably naked in her own shower by now – not thirty feet away from me. I had only managed to waste about twenty minutes by the time I walked out of my bathroom and pulled on some lounge pants. I ran my hands through my towel-dried hair, and decided I needed a little relaxation help, so I headed for the wet bar.

I poured myself a shot of Makers Mark 46 and sat down. After it was gone, I went out to the balcony and had myself a cigarette. Then I went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth again, and then I grabbed another shot from the bar. I didn't know what I was so nervous about – I wasn't this nervous on other first dates, if that's what this was.

Fifty-seven minutes after I left her room, I was standing back at the door trying to figure out if I should knock or not. Finally I did, just a couple of times before I grabbed the knob and turned it. I opened the door slowly, and Bella was there in the center of the room wearing the blue bra and panty set she had picked out at Victoria's Secret. Not surprisingly, she was kneeling on the floor with her hands on her thighs and her head down. The color against her pale skin was made her absolutely, unequivocally stunning.

Now what?

What was the proper protocol when you were collecting your slave for the first night of…of…well, of whatever was going to happen here? I hadn't actually managed to get to this part of the plan, and I was kind of playing all of this by ear.

That's worked out so far, right?

Chapter End Notes:

Oh yeah, Eddie - that's worked out JUST GREAT! HA!

Did you like the little "how to respond to me" idea Eddie had? Honestly, I know I have read/heard that before, but I can't remember where. If I did, I would give whoever said it first credit.

For the couple of people who have asked - yes, there IS a Makers Mark 46. And it is awesome. As far as I know, you can only buy it in Tennessee, but I'm not sure about that.


  1. I like his idea of gauging her feelings when asked to do something.

  2. Interesting way of getting her to say if she wants to do something or not. I think its impressive that he didn't just take her and resorted to Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters. Bella isn't comfortable with him yet. ^_-

  3. seeeee now, isnt so hard as u make it oput 2 be rite Eddie?!?!? That idea wasnt nearly as half bad.....ur actually gettin sumwhere. But wat the hell can we do 2 get this girl from livin on her knees 24/7?!?!!? Tsk Tsk Tsk......Edward's in for a ride. It itches me jus tinkin about jus wat he wud say or do 2 make this girl warm up 2 him. If i was her i wudnt ina heartbeat anyway......Who d F@#^ does this douche tink he is anyway, buyin me?!?! hahahaaaaaa, but seriously.......this iz um incredibly gud stuff!!!!!!!

  4. Just when I thought Edward had a plan! Poor guy has no idea what he's doing.

  5. Does he know what a plan means?  

  6. I loved his idea for her to answer him!!! :)  


  7.  I have had Makers Mark 46, and it is absoulutely fabulous.  I was in Paris, Tn at the time.  It's nice to see that Edward isn't full on cave man, at least he didn't fuck her the first 20 min.

  8. ok so yeah his "idea" covered it slightly...... but I don't think it will be very satisfying for him later on........

  9. well
    lets see what happens now especially with edward playing it by ear

  10. Yes, it is a wonderful idea. She clearly, and understandably has trouble expressing how she feels. I guess he gets a point for that one too ;)

  11. Comecei a ler hoje e já me perdi!!Ou seja viciei rsrsrs!
    Como será essa primeira noite? Curiosa!

  12. this story suks big time. i hate it. its shit.

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