Sunday, April 17, 2011

CBWR? Chapter 4

Have at it!

I hadn't prepared anything for her.

Chapter 4:

“Angela, cancel whatever I have schedule this afternoon and hold all my calls. I won’t be back in the office today.”

“Of course, Mr. Cullen. Will you be in tomorrow?”

“Possibly. I’ll let you know.”

I ended the call, and glanced over at my slave.

My slave. Holy shit.

As far as I could tell, only the quality of the road surface caused Bella to move in the slightest. She sat in the passenger seat as still as she could possibly be. She kept her eyes on the floor in front of her, never even glancing out the window as we pulled out of the parking lot, down the street and onto the freeway.

I, on the other hand, could barely keep my eyes on the road at all. I kept looking at her. Everything about her was captivating. The way her hair lay over her shoulders – which I wanted to touch. The way the tight fabric of her shirt framed the top of her breasts – which I wanted to touch. The way her skirt had slipped slightly between her legs, so I could see them outlined – which I wanted to touch, or at least see.

Well, there wasn’t any reason I couldn’t at least see them, was there?

“Pull up your skirt,” I said.

“How far, Master?”

I wondered idiotically what her response would have been if I had said “jump.”

“I want to see your legs.”

She reached down and grasped the edge of her skirt with both hands, pulling it up to the top of her thighs – all the way to where I could see the slightest hint of lacy white panties. Her long, pale legs were beautifully shaped, and my cock apparently agreed, since it seemed to want to stand up to get a better look. I reached over with my right hand and touched her thigh with my fingertips, immediately enamored with how silky smooth her skin was. My hand wrapped a little farther around, so my palm could get a little of the action as well, and I squeezed her thigh gently. My pinkie finger reached out to touch the edge of her panties.


A loud, rumbling noise echoed through the car, and I placed my hand back on the wheel and steered out of the median and off the damn road hiccups as the guy behind me blared his horn. I tried to get my breathing back under control as I gripped the wheel with one hand and ran the other through my hair. I glanced back at Bella quickly, and saw her eyes wide and one of her hands covering her mouth while the other was grasping the edge of her seat. She looked like she was holding her breath.

“I’m sorry, Master,” Bella whispered.

“Sorry?” I asked. “Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry if I distracted you, Master – I didn’t mean to.”

“You are distracting,” I mumbled, then spoke up. “But I’m the one holding the wheel.”

“Yes, Master.”

I sighed and wondered – not for the first time – what the fuck I thought I was doing. Again – not for the first time – I pushed those kinds of thoughts out of my head. Prepared or not, the big part of this was already a done deal. I owned her. She was mine. My responsibility.

I let that thought push out the other ones while I merged back over to the right. She was my responsibility, completely and totally. I’d have to give her everything she needed.

“Fuck!” I yelled again, and for the first time, I saw her jump a bit. “Goddamnit!!”

I hadn’t prepared anything for her. I didn’t have any clothes for her or even a fucking toothbrush. I punched the gas and took the next exit that led to the nearest mall. If nothing else, I probably needed to be off the damn highway, just to get my thoughts in order. I pulled into the mall parking lot near the Macys, and parked out as far away from the door as I could. Since it was the middle of the week in the middle of the afternoon, the mall didn’t appear to be too crowded, so I found a spot without any other cars around and stopped.

I tried to collect myself a bit, and then looked over to her. Her skirt was still up high on her legs, her hands were placed delicately on her knees, and her eyes were on the floor of the car.

“Look at me,” I said, and she complied immediately. I could feel my lungs struggling for enough oxygenated blood to supply both of my heads, but I didn’t think it was really working. I looked at her face more closely, her lovely cheekbones, gorgeous, deep brown eyes and her full lips. I reached my hand out and palmed her cheek, then ran my thumb over her cheekbone, then her lips. “You are a beautiful girl, Bella.”

She didn’t respond, just kept her eyes trained to mine. I could see the slight swell of her chest as she breathed in quick, shallow breaths. I wanted to kiss her, and felt my tongue dart out over my lips. I hesitated, and then realized I could kiss her. I could do whatever I wanted with her. I could lean the seat back and fuck her right here in the parking lot if I wanted to.

At least a little of that oxygen must have been reaching the head on top of my shoulders, because I didn’t think moving quite that fast was the very best idea. I did move my hand to her chin, lean over the seat, and take her mouth with mine.

Her lips were soft, warm, and she tasted like heaven. She kissed me back, quietly and tentatively, but I could still discern the pressure from her lips. She opened them slightly, and I took the invitation to explore her mouth with my tongue. She tilted her head minutely, allowing me better access to deepen the kiss, but I pulled back to look at her instead. Her eyes opened, and she must have let some of her guard down a little, because I was fear in them for the first time.

But I didn’t want her to be afraid of me, right?

Chapter End Notes:

I hate those little highway hiccups. They'll scare the crap out of you! I guess that's what they are there for, huh?

So...not so prepared, is he?

How is he going to reaction to her first sign of fear?

Drop me a review and let me know!

I may post a bit more tonight.


  1. think he is not prepared for a lot of things, not just clothes, etc. don't think he realizes how it will be to have a human not let you know what they really think and only do and say what is expected. like his question at the end of the chapter - "right"


  2. I am finding his reactions comical. The order of what he is doing with her is haphazard.

  3. again that's what you get for not doing to right thing... poor bella!

  4. I have sympathy for both of them. Guess they learn as they go. ^_-

  5. My Slave....holy shit!!!! Now dat was friggin classic!!!!!!!! hahaaaaaaaaaaa
    Now Edward iz a bit hw the side of his conscience is eatin him alive for doin dis wile the side wid da horns is promptin him 2 dive in head first. So many of us go thru dat same ting but we all do. Poor Bella, she is soooooo like she's in the middle of a bad dream. Its as if she isnt sure wat the hell's goin on jus yet. They both dont kno wat the hell they're gettin themselves into...Edward isnt ready, Bella isnt ready but I sure as hell do love a mystery!!!! As far as the fear goes, he's not gonna want her 2 be afraid of him but of course he wud stil want her 2 kno dat he's incharge After all, its BIG MONEY SPENT rite?!?!? hahahahaaa........We'll see!!!!!

    And btw, When would Edward let Bella know that she doesnt have to call him Master all the time?!?!? I find that sooooooooooo hilarious!!!!!!! hahahaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Gah! I love this Edward. It's obvious they're both scared. I probably should be studying for finals right now but I just can't stop reading!

  7. Didn't really think this out, did he? 

  8. Gah, Bella's scared. Of Edward or her reaction to him? I need more!

  9. Awww no, he doesn't want her to be scared.. :( But how could she not? You'd have to believe someone that BOUGHT you, touched and kissed you without permission.. OWNED you for Christ sake is someone to be afraid of! God, lets hope he tells her to call him Edward and not to stare at the floor before he takes her in the mall.. :(


  10. Well at least he seems to be a decent slave owner... so far.

  11. le sigh, He is not right in the head :P :P there interactions are going to be interesting thats for sure 

  12. nelariveracastilloJune 9, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    that fuking asshold!!!!

  13. Not prepared at all, b/c he was 1/4 hoping it would all fall through ;). I just hope when they do have sex he isn't too rough the first time. :(

  14. Also, is she scared b/c she liked the kiss??? I can't imagine she would have enjoyed kissing that fucking ass whole Aro....?

  15. I have been wondering about Bella. Aro said not to ask about where she came from...but it's difficult not to want to know how she became a sex slave. The fear in her eyes...I don't know how anyone could not be afraid in this situation. Edward is a total unknown to her.

  16. I wonder how hauling a slave into a mall will be like o.0

  17. I don't think eith one of them are prepared!

  18. def going to be a bumpy ride!  great story so far!

  19. What an odd concept.
    Got the movie 'Taken' on my mind here.
    And whilst watching that I kept thinking this so happens for reals.
    Which saddened me.
    But this story just sounds like a blokes fantasy in overdrive.
    I reckon every blokes dream having a sex slave at his beckoned call would be an ultimate dream cone true.
    So here we have it. A kinky Edward with a s/slave mistress who???
    Well we will have to what and see after he buys here dental hygiene equipment - coz ya can't be a slave and have bad breath now, canya? Lolol
    Too funny..
    Look forward to your updates.