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CBWR? Chapter 13

Girls liked backrubs, didn't they?

Chapter 13

"Bella, I'm not going to do that."

I felt her head nod, and might have heard her respond with another yes, Master, but I wasn't sure.

"I'm not going to shoot you because you…you…" Fuck, I couldn't even say it.

For the thousandth time since lunch, I had no fucking idea what to do. Bella seemed to have been perfectly resigned to gagging herself on me until she somehow managed to deep throat my nine-inch cock. There was no fucking way. And in case that wasn't enough, Aro had pretty much convinced her that if she couldn't, I'd kill her.

She was not just still as she lay where I placed her over my chest, but completely frozen. I could feel the tension of her muscles on my skin. Her fingers were wrapped around my shoulders in some sort of death grip, like she thought she might blow away if she let go of me, and her breathing was shallow. Neither of us has spoken since she revealed what Aro had told her about me.

I wondered what else he had said.

Bella sniffed once, and I was pretty sure she was holding back tears. She still hadn't moved, and she was so stiff I wondered if she would end up pulling a muscle. I ran my hand up her back and then down again, thinking maybe it would help her relax. Girls liked backrubs, didn't they?

Since I had been on my own, I had always had a take what you can get attitude. When I was younger, I was a pretty good kid – mostly staying out of trouble despite the neighborhood we lived in, if you could even call a trailer park with four broken down trailers and a dog run a neighborhood. Going to high school across town was what started changing me, I suppose. That's when I started hanging out with Alec, who eventually introduced me to Marcus and Caius. I learned enough about the industry in the two years after I was ditched to take over completely. I told Marcus I wanted to start running things, and he said over his dead body.

I get what I want.

Taking over the business hadn't been smooth sailing in the least – it had been a lot of work, a lot of planning, and a lot of blood. Now business was booming, and everyone in the know about such things came to me for their needs. I'd worked hard for what I had, and I deserved to reap the rewards for those efforts. I thought of it as making up for the shit hand of cards I was dealt as a kid. I night have come from shit, but I was making it as well as some of the bug guys. There were mafia families in Chicago that at least knew who I was, and one in Italy that had become a regular customer. Aro's extended family, actually.

Buying a slave shouldn't be any different than any other kind of business deal. Figure out what each side of the deal wants, find something in the middle that makes everyone happy, define the timeline and execute. I just needed to approach Bella with the same method.

The first part was easy, because I already knew what wanted. Constant sex. Well, all right, maybe not constant, but certainly daily. Or twice a day. At least. Maybe three times.

Maybe I needed to start a little closer to the beginning. I wanted the other half of the blow job she started.

Okay – now I had a clearly defined goal. Next came the timeline. That would be tonight.

Execute. Easy enough. I just need to have her give me a…

Damnit. I forgot about the second half of the first step. What did Bella want?

I looked down at the top of her head. She still hadn't moved, and her arms and legs were still tense. She said before that she wanted what I wanted, but that wasn't the kind of answers I needed. All right, new goal – get Bella to tell me what she wants.

How the fuck do I do that?

I decided to start with the obvious.

"So, what do you like?" I asked her. She looked at me like a couple of pork chops had just popped right out of my nostrils or something.

"What do I like about what, Master?"

"Well, about anything, I guess. Do you like jewelry and that kind of shit? Or cars? Shoes?"

"I'm sorry, Master," Bella said as she shook her head. "I don't understand what you mean."


Next new goal – how the fuck do you talk to a woman in such a way to get them to tell you what the fuck you want to know? I had this same shit with Kate and every other girlfriend I ever had, too. You're supposed to buy them the perfect fucking gift for whatever the occasion – their birthday, Christmas, President's Day – whatever, just make sure you don't fucking forget any occasion – but they aren't going to give you any ideas about what they might want. "Whatever you want to give me" is a total line of bullshit, too.

And of course, that was all Bella was going to say to me.

All right, let's try a more direct approach.

"Bella, let me tell you about the worst blow job I ever received in my life."

She looked back to me, her eyes full of confusion.

"Yes, Master?"

"It was fucking fantastic." I don't know if she got the joke or not, but she wasn't smiling or laughing. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "There isn't a right way to do that. Just having your mouth on any part of me is…well, is what I want. You don't have to take all of me, Bella. Shit, I can't think of anyone who ever could. I don't expect that."

"You don't?"


I shifted my hips a little. When I had pulled her up close to me, I had ended up with one of her legs right between mine, and I couldn't think let alone carry on a conversation with her thigh on top of my cock, and we obviously needed another conversation.

A little talking would work it all out, right?

Chapter End Notes:

A friend of mine has always said that bit about "the worst blow job I ever got". Yes, I do smack him on the back of the head on a regular basis. Edward needs a bit of a thwack, too, doesn't he? Might loosen his brain up.

Thanks for everyone's support! I am seriously behind on reviews, PMs and emails, so forgive me if you asked a question and I haven't answered it yet. I'll get there.

Time for Stuffed Crust Pizza with Pineapple and Mushroom! :)


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  2. He seems a bit like a kid in this thought process.

  3. all i want to know is what is going through bella's mind? talking to her and asking what she wants is not a sex slave edward that is a girlfriend.. if she was just a slave you would treat her as such and you really aren't when you are worried about what she wants....

  4. all i want to know is what is going through bella's mind? talking to her and asking what she wants is not a sex slave edward that is a girlfriend.. if she was just a slave you would treat her as such and you really aren't when you are worried about what she wants....

  5. Edward is used to 'girlfriends' and he's not used to a 'slave'...totally different mind-set. Hopefully he will treat her as a girlfriend soon ^_-

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    poor bella. she is soo scary

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